Snakes on a Plane Kept Kept Its Stupid Title Because of Samuel L. Jackson


Snakes on a Plane is such a hilariously stupid concept you have to wonder how the hell it got off the drawing board in the first place and how it got through editing without someone changing the title, well the answer to both of those questions is Samuel L. Jackson.

Yes, we’re publishing two things about Samuel L. Jackson this week because the writer of this site has a huge man crush on him and hopes if they write about him enough, he’ll appear behind them. Like a cooler, more balding version of Bloody Mary with more swearing and a handful of rubber snakes.

It’s a little known fact that prior to making it to the big screen,  Snakes on a Plane was rejected over a dozens times by almost every studio in Hollywood when it was pitched under the name, “Venom”. However, a Paramount executive saw the hilariously ridiculous script involving hundreds upon hundreds of snakes sneaking onto a plane and bought the rights to it in 1999 thinking it would probably make a great B-movie or something.

Initially, the film was given the working title of “Snakes on a Plane” while the studio found a director for it, what the studio didn’t plan on however was Samuel L. Jackson reading about the script. According to the man himself, upon seeing the title, he immediately signed on to do the project. Yes, the reason Samuel L. Jackson was in that movie is because he found the title just as hilariously stupid as the rest of us.

Samuel L. Jackson actually found the title so hilarious that when the studio began thinking about marketing the movie and revised the film’s moniker to “Pacific Air Flight 121” he personally made some calls to have the title changed back, which of course happened the second he hung up the phone. Because you do not f*****g argue with Samuel L. Jackson.


You can't argue with a man who made this wig look scary.
You can’t argue with a man who made this wig look scary.

In other words, Samuel L. Jackson wanted the film to be as stupid and over the top as possible and he knew that people were only going to see it to see him punch his way through wave after wave of deadly snakes, so he went out of his way to make sure it was marketed as such. Hell, he even went back and re-shot several scenes just to include all of the stuff people wanted from the movie, including the now legendary line.

“Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!”

We apologise for the foul language but censoring Samuel L. Jackson is like talking loudly during Jurassic Park, stupid and will probably result in a punch to the head somewhere down the line. But we digress, yes, that line was never in the original script, Samuel L. Jackson went back and filmed it especially for us, the audience full of people who don’t care about Oscars or awards, the audience who just wants to see Samuel L. Jackson shoot some god-damn snakes.