There’s Probably a Picture of Princess Leia’s Breasts Somewhere


We’re not going to insult anyone reading this by acting like there are people out there who have no idea who Princess Leia is. She ushered a generation of horny young men and hornier young women into adulthood with her now iconic slave outfit, an outfit it turns out used copious amounts of tape to hold actress Carrie Fisher’s breasts firmly in place.

For anyone who doesn’t know the story of how Fisher ended up rocking a more revealing outfit that the Star Wars porn parody, the legend goes that Fisher originally wanted to wear a bra under her costumes but was convinced by George Lucas that there’s no underwear in space.

They apparently have a shit-ton of metal bras and beach balls though.
They apparently have a shit-ton of metal bikinis and beach balls though.

Fisher begrudgingly agreed and for the entire original trilogy, let the girls do their own thing, only using a small amount of tape to keep them in place so as to not earn the film an R rating if she turned around too quickly. For the most part, while Fisher’s lack of a bra went mostly unnoticed by the cinema going public, the cast of crew never let it go. Hell there’s even a scene in Return of the Jedi where you can clearly see Harrison Ford grope Fisher while she’s pretending to be passed out.


At the end of every day of shooting, Fisher’s boob-tape needed to be removed, a time which quickly became the crew’s favourite part of the day. This prompted Fisher to jokingly suggest she auction off the right to do it to whoever flashed enough cash to make it happen, a suggestion that went over way better than she’d thought.

Seeing the entire crew basically lose their minds about the offer to rub their hands all over her naked torso kind of made Fisher a little uncomfortable, however she also felt bad about going back on her initial promise. So she compromised by walking into a nearby office and photocopying her lady lumps so everyone could enjoy them. Fisher then handed out the copies to random members of the crew, because 70’s era Carrie Fisher didn’t give a fuck.

What exactly happened to these copies and whether or not they still exist is a total mystery with even the Lost Media Wiki, which is dedicated to cataloguing, well, lost media, admitting that they no idea where they could be.