Samuel L. Jackson Didn’t Want Mace Windu to Die Like a Punk


Samuel. L Jackson is a national treasure, a badass and Nick Fury in that order. However, Jackson is also famous for playing, in his own words “the baddest Jedi in the galaxy next to Yoda” and as such, the actor was insistent that the character not die like a punk.

Peter Weller Listened to Music While Shooting Bad Guys in ‘Robocop’


Robocop is an invincible sentinel of cyborg justice. He’s incorruptible, bulletproof and can shoot bad guys in the dick from a mile away, something no better summed up than by the scene in the 1987 Robocop movie of him shooting endless bad guys in a drug factory. A scene that we’re now going to make infinitely cooler by talking about how Peter Weller was listening to a soft rock ballad during the whole thing. 

The Cast of Friends Took a Pay Cut so They’d All be Paid the Same


Like a bunch of our other articles, this article now comes in video form and includes a bonus section about why the character Ross can go fuck himself.

If you prefer words to pictures and video, the original article can be found below.

That time a guy mastered judo, for Charizard


Back when Pokemon cards were a thing in the 90’s you probably heard a lot of stories about kids getting beaten up by bullies wanting to steal their best and rarest cards, like more dickish and efficient members of Team Rocket. When this happened to Ashley McKenzie he decided the best response would be to master the art of judo to beat the shit out of the kid who stole it.

That time a soldier shrugged off a sword to the chest


If you’ve ever played Skyrim  you may recall that every now and you’ll overhear a guard act like King Shit Puss Slayer by bragging about how they were once an adventurer like you until they took an arrow to the knee. A claim Fazal Din would scoff at while nonchalantly pulling a fucking sword out of his chest.