Richard Nixon wore to a tie to the beach like a fucking loser


Richard Nixon is one of those figures from history who’s been so widely and thoroughly dunked upon by popular culture it’s hard to know as a casual observer of history what he was actually like as a man. As it turns out Nixon was an awkward dork who quite literally did not know how to relax. 

That time a film pushed a kid in a wheelchair down a big hill


Mac and Me is a critically maligned cinematic turd widely considered one of the worst films ever curled out by a major studio. A rip off of E.T. so blatant calling it original can be written off on your tax return as a charitable donation and filled to the brim with more product placement than some ads, the film is a shameless cashgrab that seemingly bends over backwards to lick the shit covered bootheel of its corporate sponsors. Not that, that mattered to the film’s wheelchair bound star who was mostly just happy for the opportunity to roll his ass down a big hill.

That time the NBA made people think Michael Jordan had magic shoes


At the height of his career Michael Jordan was so well-known and marketable as an athlete that he reportedly made more money shilling shit with his name on it than he did leaping dozens of feet through the air to dunk on men the size of ladders. Of the many products to bear his name and likeness the most famous are Air Jordans, a shoe the NBA inadvertently made everyone think had magical powers. 

Flamingo chicks turn pink because they drink blood milk


Flamingos are arguably one of the weirder animals to call this world their home. Even discounting the fact that they can sneeze boiling salt water out of their eyes and drink with their heads upside down, flamingos just look weird which is partly down to the fact that, as chicks, flamingos have their parents cry blood milk directly into their mouths. Or at least it really looks like that. 

It is literally impossible to keep a Great White Shark in captivity

Image credit - Terry Goss - @wikipedia

The great white shark is easily the most eminently recognisable fish on the planet, long, strong and clocking in at over 2 tons of fun when fully grown, the great white would no doubt be the crowning, shark-shaped jewel of any aquarium. Or they would be if the sharks didn’t immediately die the instant they were put into a body of water they didn’t own.