The Awesome Kingsman Scene We’ll Never Get to See


There’s a scene in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service where Colin Firth murder-shoots the shit out of an entire church full of assholes while the guitar solo from Freebird plays in the background. Now if that sounds like the most awesome, eye-punchingly badass thing you’ve ever heard, please pour one out for the original, much more violent version of that scene that was 7 minutes long.

Snooker Has the Most Adorable Controversies


Watching a high-level game of snooker is sort of like watching a game of pool being narrated by David Attenborough. It’s slow, deliberate and the official governing body is kind of up its own ass, which has led to some fucking hilarious “controversial moments” over the years. 

How a Dog Annoyed the Emperor of Germany


Now you’d think a guy with a title like “The Emperor of Germany” would be pretty hard to upset considering he has almost total control over a country filled with expensive sausage and high-quality beer. Weirdly though, after the death of King Edward VII of England, the German Emperor was apparently just like, so pissed about a dog being considered more important than he was. 

Vladimir Putin’s Hilarious Attempts to Proves He’s The Beast Master


Staged publicity photos are nothing new and prominent individuals the world over use them to try and endear themselves to the public. Now in most of these cases the person in question at least tries to make the image look realistic, Vladimir Putin on the other hand doesn’t give a shit and has taken part in photo ops so obviously staged you could photoshop a boom mic three inches away from his head and they wouldn’t look any less ridiculous. 

Moon Landing Hoax Theories Can All be Debunked by the Original Photos


The moon landing hoax, or the idea that NASA and the American government somehow faked the Moon landing, is one of the most pervasive conspiracy theories ever coined. Which is kind of stupid when you think about it because virtually all of the theories people like to spout can be debunked by doing nothing more than looking at the original photos NASA released to the public 50 fucking years ago.