Johnny Knoxville doesn’t give a fuck


On Fact Fiend we have an infrequently updated series detailing the misadventures of numerous people, animals and fictional characters who are seemingly incapable of giving a lone, solitary fuck. Today we add Jackass star Johnny Knoxville to that pantheon of non-fuck-giving legends, a man who once shot himself in the chest. For a joke. 

The boxer who punched harder than “armour piercing bullets”


In the world of boxing Rocky Marciano is largely considered one of the single greatest, if not the greatest boxer to have ever lived, period. In his decade long streak as undisputed heavyweight champion, Marciano fought and bested every challenger who came his way, which isn’t surprising given how hard it’s estimated he could punch. 

That time a DC villain went back in time just to be a penis


As his name suggests Reverse-Flash is a villain intrinsically linked to the DC hero the Flash, specifically the second incarnation of the hero, Barry Allen who Reverse-Flash fucking hates. So much so that the villain once went back in time with the sole intention of ruining his life. Partly to send a message but mostly just to be a massive dickhead. 

Hellraiser was (badly) edited to make everyone sound American


Hellraiser is a film about a S&M loving monsters from another dimension who seek to torture the living shit out of humans foolish enough to try and interact with them. Ostensibly set in an unnamed American town, the film was actually filmed almost entirely within the confines of a single London townhouse, which production tried to hide with comically terrible dubbing. 

That time the British government fired a bird for going to the pub

Image credit - Wikimedia Commons - Colin

According to a centuries old superstition the fate of the British Isles rests in the tiny metaphorical hands of an unkindness of ravens who are kept in the Tower of London. Ravens who, in an attempt to prevent this happening, are given the best care money can provide, an infinite supply of beef and their own personal bodyguard. Which hasn’t stopped several of the ravens somehow being fired for being fucking off to the pub.