James Cameron Almost Couldn’t Make Aliens Because of Tea


Aliens is one of the greatest movies ever made and it’s hard to imagine a world where it doesn’t exist and we only had footage of Bill Paxton being killed by a Terminator and a Predator. Apparently though, the film was almost stopped in its tracks by the British production crew and their insistence on drinking tea, as well as an asshole assistant director who tried to ruin all the shots. 

‘How You Remind Me’ Was Recorded in 10 Minutes


How You Remind Me is a musical oxymoron. Despite sales figures saying that its literally one of the most popular songs released this century, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t hate it. What makes the song even more curious is the fact that Chad Kroeger intentionally wrote it to with all of the elements of a hit, but only spent 10 minutes in the studio with his band actually bothering to record it. 

That Time a Millionaire Musician Tried to Paid Her Supporting Act With Exposure


Ask any musician, writer or artist online and we can guarantee that they’ll have at least one story about some shithead trying to get them to do work in return for “exposure”, a magical currency only freelancers seem to get paid in that is accepted at as many businesses as lightly slapping your balls on the counter. Today we’re here to talk about the time musician Amanda Palmer tried to do that despite having at least a million dollars in cash to pay them. 

Frank M. Canton, the Outlaw Sheriff


Back in the time of cowboys and guns that only shot 6 bullets, US Marshals were usually the only thing stopping outlaws and other assorted assholes from ruining things for everyone. Amongst Old West marshals Frank M. Canton is one of the more famous because he spent the first half of his life on the other side of the law without anyone realising it. 

That Time a Company Paid a Comedian To Shit All Over Their Product


If you listen to podcasts online you’re probably aware that like, 3 companies pretty much sponsor everyone. Before every podcaster was shilling the hell out of Lootcrate though, a company called Bulldog sponsored a comedian who proceeded to use the money given to shit just all over their product.