That time a soldier shrugged off a sword to the chest


If you’ve ever played Skyrim  you may recall that every now and you’ll overhear a guard act like King Shit Puss Slayer by bragging about how they were once an adventurer like you until they took an arrow to the knee. A claim Fazal Din would scoff at while nonchalantly pulling a fucking sword out of his chest. 

Nicolas Cage is One of the Most Generous Men In Hollywood


This article was recently turned into a video and of course features many clips and stories about Nic Cage being a crazy, eccentric asshole, you can check it out below.

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That Time a Guy Invented Doxxing Before the Internet


Ask any woman who’s ever used Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Email, MSN or those owls from the Harry Potter movies and they’ll happily tell you that men, especially men trying to flirt or hit on your, are assholes. Although the internet has made harassing a woman who has the audacity to not be that into you easier than ever before, before the internet existed, enterprising shitheads still found ways to let women know that not going out with them was a completely justified decision. Like the unnamed Parisian who harassed a woman so much in the 1800’s she moved. 

The Ninja who Stabbed a Guy in the Butthole


This article was recently turned into a video, because of course it was.

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How IBM Pissed of a Master Chess Player


Despite the fact computers can analyse millions of possible scenarios in the time it takes most human players to scratch their balls, for many years it was the opinion of chess masters that a sufficiently skilled human could never be dunked on by a chess playing machine. That all changed in 1997 when IMB designed a computer solely to beat famed chess nerd, Garry Kasparov.