I’m On Vacation


If you’re reading this it means that I’m still somewhere in Europe, probably trying to find and take pictures of the places they filmed the Taken movies. I’ve decided to take a vacation and have left the site in the hands of an algorithm I trust more than my family to post a random piece of content from the site’s archives. 

The Midget Stuntman In Jaws You Never Got To See


The character Hooper in Jaws was originally meant to die during the course of the movie just like he did in the books the movie was based on, however, a rogue shark creating some undeniably bitchin’ footage caused a last second re-write that saved the character. Also a midget was involved.

The Special Kind of Tomahawk You Could Smoke


Though we’re guessing most people reading this learned everything they know about tomahawks from Assassin’s Creed 3 and Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat, we’re going assume that even if you played the absolute shit out of those games you never realised that some tomahawks doubled as bongs. 

Call of Duty Players Know How to React to Change Properly


We’d never take a shot at the people who play Call of Duty because there are no dead horses left to beat in a sentence mentioning the Call of Duty series. However, their fans are pretty insane, or at least the ones who threatened to kill people because of a change no ordinary person would ever notice are.

You Should Probably Ignore The Better Business Bureau


When it comes to knowing whether or not you can trust a business to not punch your dog when you leave it to be groomed or wipe their junk over your shirt when you leave it to be dry-cleaned, you should probably start by plopping the businesses name in on Google and see what the internet thinks of them.

We Honestly Didn’t Think Japan Could Get Any More Polite

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We all know that Japanese people are like, super-polite, they’re the kind of people who mug each other with hand written notes (they don’t, but wouldn’t that be cool?). This extends into virtually every facet of their life, even the parts of it they spend staring at a tiny screen instead of the giant robots we assume roam their cities at will.