District 9 was Filmed Using 8 GB Memory Cards – Update


Factfiend now has a YouTube channel where you can watch the author give a slightly different spin on the facts features on this website, starting with this one.

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Thomas Jefferson Loved Dick


Throughout American history many of the men tasked with leading the free world have owned pets. Obama had a dog, Coolidge had an alligator and President Jefferson had a mockingbird called Dick. 

DragonForce is Puppy Approved


DragonForce is best known as that band with that one really fast song in Guitar Hero 3 and over the years they’ve built up a reasonably dedicated following by releasing album after album filled with blisteringly fast, face-melting guitar solos. Apparently, at least one of those guitar solos was only included on the album because the guitarists dog seemed to like it. 

Beethoven Didn’t Give a F**k


For some people giving a fuck is an action that comes naturally to them and for others it’s something they never fully develop the ability to do for one reason or another. Beethoven was one of the latter, as evidenced by how he reacted to being told what to do by rich dickheads. 

They Put Some Songs in ‘Guitar Hero’ Just to Make You Listen to Them


Considering how dinky plastic guitars with one button missing are now one of the most common pieces of electrical fauna you encounter in second hand shops, we think it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of people reading this have played at least one Guitar Hero game. Although the developers didn’t originally plan on the game becoming the smash hit it did, they sure as hell made sure that the set-list rocked exactly the right amount.