How a Dog Annoyed the Emperor of Germany


This article now comes in video form, with a bonus cameo from a small brown dog called Coco.

It also comes in its original form after the jump if you prefer words to moving images and static images of a dog to video footage of a dog not giving a fuck.

The Janitor on Scrubs basically got to make up his own lines


Neil Flynn will likely spend the rest of his professional career being known as “that guy from Scrubs“. Which is kind of fair considering that he owned the role of the Janitor on that show so hard they didn’t even bother writing lines for him. 

The Terminator Is Powered by Candy


This video now comes in video form, with a bonus scene talking about the Terminator’s penis.

As per usual, the original article can be found below.

R.J. MacReady – hero, survivor, sheep-murderer


The beauty of John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror staple, The Thing, is that it ends with the ultimate fate of the film’s protagonist being left to the imagination of the viewer. Unless you read the Dark Horse comics that are considered a sequel to the film, in which case you know R.J MacReady survived and went on to live a long, full life full of indiscriminate animal murder. 

The awesome way Prince motivated his staff


Prince was the kind of guy who could pretty much get away with anything just by virtue of being himself. A noted perfectionist, the Purple One famously refused to take no for an answer and had a pretty brilliant way of making sure his entourage learned this.