The First Director of the FBI Abused His Power (In Hilariously Petty Ways)


With the exception of knock off Gamecube memory cards, nothing corrupts faster or more absolutely than power. It’s an aphrodisiac for assholes that has resulted in in more dick-waving and wasted hot air than a sign in a gym asking guys to dry their balls by holding them over a fan. This said, sometimes power corrupts a person so absolutely and so hilariously, you kind of have to respect them for it. For example, just consider all the crazy shit J. Edgar Hoover did. 

The Awesome Reason Why The Nintendo DS Was Nigh Unbreakable


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Blink-182 Wrote Their Most Famous Songs in 10 Minutes


Blink-182 is a band known primarily for a few things, their sense of humor, their stupid music videos and that time they were almost sued for violating the Geneva Convention. Today we’re here to talk about that time the bassist and guitarist each wrote one of the band’s greatest hits in 10 minutes each. 

The Awesome Darth Vader Dialogue we Never Got to Hear


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Samuel L. Jackson was Nick Fury before he knew he was Nick Fury


Samuel L. Jackson has the most lucrative deal of any actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will likely still have be appearing in them until the day he dies because he fucking loves comic books. Which is mostly the reason he’s even in them in the first place.