Zack Snyder wanted to shoot Superman’s best friend in the face, for fun


We think it’s fair to say that Zack Snyder’s take on the DC universe has received a, mixed reception. With much of the criticism directed towards the director focussing on his seeming lack of unfamiliarity with the characters he’s making movies about and the fact his filmmaking style is about as subtle as a cast iron sledgehammer to the balls. Something no better epitomised than by the fact Snyder has gone on record as saying he wanted to shoot Superman’s best friend in the face, for fun. 

Moles can swim through the Earth, couscous

Credit - Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University

The mole is arguably one of the most well adapted animals on Earth, being almost comically well suited for a life spent near-entirely under the ground, vacuuming up worms with such efficiency some species can literally eat faster than you can see. In fact, moles are so well-suited for life underground they can “swim” through the Earth, something we know after observing them swim through couscous. 

One of Godzilla’s deadliest enemies is a Communist


During the last half century or so, Godzilla has squared off against innumerable giant monsters who threatened both himself and in many cases, the entire world. Of this pantheon of kaiju-kickassery one of the most well known is Rodan the fire monster, a giant beast who is canonically communist. 

Steve Irwin didn’t give a fuck


Steve Irwin was a man who dedicated almost his entire life to the conservation and protection of Australia’s varied endemic wildlife as well as suplexing large crocodiles for a crowd of paying customers. A remarkably humble man, Irwin famously disliked formality to the point his own family turned down a giant fuck off funeral in his honour. 

Albert Einstein fucking hated socks


Renowned physicist and known non-giver-of-fucks Albert Einstein accomplished a lot during his lifetime, most of which he disliked talking about. In fact, Einstein disliked a lot of things but mostly he disliked socks. So much so that he’d rather wear them over his shoes if he attended an event they were considered mandatory.