That Time Bruce Lee Scared Robin S***less in Front of Batman


We talk about Bruce Lee a lot on this website, usually for one of two reasons. One, we have a man crush on him and two, we think he’s awesome. For example did you know he once scared Robin shitless in front of Batman. 

Swedish People Don’t Like the Swedish Chef


This article, like many in our archives was recently turned into a video and there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening.

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‘Dragonball Evolution’ Was so Bad The Writer Had to Apologise


Dragonball Evolution was a flaccid, soulless, live-action re-imagining of a beloved Japanese property. It was mauled critically, flopped harder a whale having a seizure and is kind of responsible for reviving the entire Dragon Ball franchise. 

Jack Sheppard and the World’s Sexiest Prison Escape


This article was recently turned into a video on our new YouTube channel and it contains a bonus story about the time I found an anatomically correct penis made of plaster in my fridge.

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Leslie Nielsen Liked to Troll Other Actors, With Acting


Leslie Nielsen was a comedic juggernaut who appeared in more movies than the MGM lion and was probably just as intimidating to be around. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Nielsen had a peculiar habit of purposely making things awkward by farting.