The Austrian Village People Keep Having Sex in Front Of


Having lived with the surname “Smallwood” for the last 2 and a half decades, the author of this article is sympathetic to anyone or thing with a name that sounds inadvertently sexual. However, there’s no other reaction but laughter to the plight of the poor residents of Fucking, Austria. 

Rocky Marciano’s Punch Was Kind of Ridiculous


In the world of boxing Rocky Marciano is largely considered one of the single greatest, if not the greatest boxer to have ever lived, period. In his decade long streak as undisputed heavyweight champion, Marciano fought and bested every challenger who came his way, which isn’t surprising given how hard it’s estimated he could punch. 

Spider-Man Kicks Ass at Poker


As we’ve discussed before, Spider-Man is kind of a badass, what with his ability to punch faces clean off and stick to the Hulk’s biceps. But did you know he’s also pretty frickin’ good at poker, as long he faces the right opponent. 

It Wasn’t a Good Idea to Make Fun of Abraham Lincoln


For the most part, it’s generally considered a good idea not to make fun of someone just for being tall. Along with that person almost certainly being capable of slapping you across the fucking face from across the room, it’s also a kind of shitty thing to do. As our tallest ever President, Abraham Lincoln was no stranger to such jokes, luckily he knew how to deal with them. 

The Martial Art Invented Just to Beat Up North Koreans


Members of South Korea’s various special forces units are more dangerous to a human windpipe than a piece of piano wire travelling 7ft off the ground at a basketball game and possess more ways to snap your arm than a swan wearing Iron Man armor. They also know a special martial art exclusively designed (originally) to beat up North Koreans.