Tangled Changed Its Title (And Only Its Title) To Appeal to Boys


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That time David Bowie was dinged in the eye by a lollipop


David Bowie was, as we’ve explained before, a fucking legend who didn’t give the faintest whiff of a fart of a shadow of a fuck. For example, did you know David Bowie was once twatted right in the eye by a lollipop midway through a concert in Norway in 2004 and responded by laughing it off. 

The Murderless Way To Deal With Crows


This article now exists as a video, which includes a bonus section discussing how bird kind could take over the world by using hummingbirds as assassins. 

Nintendo Almost Caused a Riot When They Released the SNES

Image credit: Evan-Amos

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES to all you cool kids, was the second home video game console released by Nintendo. Despite the impressive sales of the console’s daddy, dubbed the NES, Nintendo only shipped a conservative 300,000 SNES’s to Japan for the console’s launch, which went about as well you’d expect when 3 million people wanted one.

The Penguin Sex That Was Too Hot for Publication


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