R.J. MacReady – hero, survivor, sheep-murderer


The beauty of John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror staple, The Thing, is that it ends with the ultimate fate of the film’s protagonist being left to the imagination of the viewer. Unless you read the Dark Horse comics that are considered a sequel to the film, in which case you know R.J MacReady survived and went on to live a long, full life full of indiscriminate animal murder. 

The awesome way Prince motivated his staff


Prince was the kind of guy who could pretty much get away with anything just by virtue of being himself. A noted perfectionist, the Purple One famously refused to take no for an answer and had a pretty brilliant way of making sure his entourage learned this.

People on Wikipedia Spent Weeks Arguing About a Picture of a Cow


Using a camera, 3 bottles of beer and a computer, this article was recently turned into a video.

If seeing a pasty British guy lose his shit while talking about people slowly pushing cows over, you can find the text version of the article below.

The simplest scene in Hot Fuzz was one of the hardest to film


Hot Fuzz is a lovingly crafted homage to 80’s action movies that at one point or another lampshades or references nearly every hackneyed cliche or trope from the genre. It also featured two brief clips from movies that inspired it, something it turns out were a total ball-ache to film. 

The Gender of the Last Tasmanian Tiger Was a Mystery for 70 Years


This article was recently made into a video which includes, amongst other things, a brief cameo by a chihuahua.

If that doesn’t sound like the raddest shit ever to you, feel free to check out the original article below.