WW2 Rationing almost made British poos twice as big


During WW2 the British government enforced strict rationing for much of the UK that greatly limited the amount and variety of food near enough every Briton could access. While bad, it could have been much worse for Brits, or at least their toilets according to a secretive study conducted in the earliest days of the war.

That time a company took an ad off air because it was too effective


Working in advertising must be pretty soul-crushing because you put a whole bunch of time and effort into creating something 99% of people immediately ignore. Which is why when advertisers manage to create something that people actually like it’s not only noteworthy, but usually results in something unexpected happening. Like when Levi’s released an advert that not only increased their own sales, but the sales of everything their model was wearing. An impressive feat considering he was almost butt-ass naked for 90% of it.

The company that buys Britain’s “hardest water” for tea


As we’ve discussed before, tea is something the British take especially seriously with near enough every self-respecting Brit having at least one very strong opinion about some aspect of the tea making process. As an idea of how petty a thing people will get worked up over in regards to tea, even the water used is something you have to consider. Especially if it happens to be hard water. 

That time the government had to tell Nintendo not to release a console

Image credit: Evan-Amos

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES to all you cool kids with big dicks, was the second home video game console released by Nintendo. For some inexplicable reason and despite immense interest in the console from fans, Nintendo only shipped a conservative 300,000 SNES’s to Japan for the console’s launch, which went about as well you’d expect when about 3 million people wanted one and resulted in the Japanese government stepping in and chastising them for fucking up the release so hard.

Top Gun Increased Sales of Ray-Ban Glasses by, like, a lot


Top Gun is a film in which Tom Cruise almost causes World War 3 by jet-slapping a bunch of MiGs out of the sky at the height of the cold war and somehow gets away with it because the soundtrack is that bitchin’. While not an immediate success, the film did manage to successful increase the sales of aviator sunglasses by like 50%.