The hilarious way the original Siamese twins solved arguments


Chang and Eng Bunker, better known as the original Siamese twins because they were born in what was then known as Siam, famously lived fiercely independent lives despite being literally joined at the hip. This culminated in the brothers going as far to live in separate houses with their own wives and children. An impressive feat given the brothers spent their every waking moment together.

Award Winning Journalist John Oliver Doesn’t Like Being Called a Journalist


This article now exists on YouTube as a video where you can see my face and mock my sense of style if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

The original article, as usual, can be found below. 

Danny DeVito doesn’t give a f**k



Danny DeVito is a curious anomaly of the male specimen in that he doesn’t seem to give all that big of a shit about being shorter than everyone in the room. Unlike other short men who’d feel the need to defensive about their lack of inches, DeVito has turned his diminutive stature to his advantage, using it in tendem with his inability to process giveable fucks to score both acting roles and dates throughout his life. 

Actors Playing Ronald McDonald Aren’t Allowed to Eat McDonald’s Food


This article has now ascended to the next level and become a video, which you can find below.

The original, less powerful article can be found after the jump if you’d prefer to read all about how McDonald’s hiring process for Ronald McDonald in the 80’s was inept to an almost hilarious degree. 

That time Bruce Willis (apparently) used CGI to fix his hair


If you’ve seen the film Hudson Hawk that’s not all that big of a surprise because according to the box office, nobody saw that film. Along with bombing harder than a chubby kid with an adamantium skeleton into a swimming pool, the film is infamous for the persistent rumor that Bruce Willis used his creative clout to have someone fix his shitty hairline with CGI.