The softest socks in the world are made from camel ass-hair

Credit - René Durán -

There are a handful of animals on Earth that are coveted for the fuzzy and/or wuzziness of their fur and the quality of the garments that can be made from it. With the fur of especially soft and adorable animals commanding a premium in the world of fashion. For example, just consider the bizarre case of the vicuna, a creature with fur so soft socks made of it can cost more than a month’s rent. 

Something we need to clarify before we continue is that harvesting wool from the vicuna is an exceptionally careful process where great emphasis is placed on not harming the creature. In fact, many vicuna have to be shorn each year purely to deter poachers who, in the past, hunted the creature to near extinction due to the premium that can be charged for its pelt and fur. Meaning the animal needs to be shaved because it quite literally, too fluffy for it’s own good.

Secondly, it’s worth noting that the wool produced by the vicuna is quite literally, the finest produced by any animal, being significantly softer than even cashmere. Which for anyone who doesn’t know is harvested exclusively from the underbelly of very fluffy goats. Which again, aren’t harmed by the process but are presumably confused as fuck during it.

Credit – Charles Esson

Speaking of which, the wool of the vicuna is similarly harvested in a highly specific way, with the absolute finest hairs being harvested by gently brushing the creature’s hindquarters. A process that nets just 200 grams of usable fibre, per vicuna every three years. A fact that contributes to clothing being made from these specific fibres being amongst the most expensive and luxurious available for sale anywhere.

For example, a coat made of vicuna wool can sell for anywhere upwards of $20,000 and even something as simple as a scarf can cost more than a used car. Which brings us to socks, because of course it is possible to buy a pair of socks made from fur so soft it was illegal for anybody but Inca royalty to wear at one point.

Credit – Marshallhenrie

Said socks are produced in, somewhat understandably, limited numbers by companies that cater near-exclusively to rich dickheads. Marketed as the Rolls Royce of footwear, said socks cost close to $1000 a pair, with each individual sock taking an entire year of work to produce. A fact that’s kind of hilarious when you realise they’re made of the ass-fur of a tiny Peruvian camel that has no idea why people keep brushing it.