Nobody Wants Cersei Lannister’s Autograph


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Lena Headey is the actress who plays Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, now with how popular Game of Thrones is, you’d expect that Lena would be hounded for autographs all the time, but according to her, people actively refuse them simply because they don’t like her character. 

Yes, people have literally told Lena to her face that because they find the character she plays on TV annoying and also a little hot, they don’t want her autograph. If this sounds weird we’d like to introduce you to a concept known in philosophy and media theory as “hyperreality”, which is basically defined as an inability to differentiate properly between fiction and reality.

This may sound ridiculous, but it happens way more than you’d think, for example consider the curious tale of Alex Ferns, a Scottish actor best known for playing one of the most hated villains in British soap history. After his character was shown beating the shit out of his wife IN A FICTIONAL TV SHOW, Ferns was regularly harassed or stopped in the street so that people could yell at him for something his character did.

Pictured: The face of an honest, hard-working guy.
“Hey Alex, maybe you should smile for this photo?” – “I am smiling”.

This happens all the freaking time, something Lena Headey found out when she went to Comic Con and sat in a bemused trance and watched as fans of the series she starred in snatched their copies of Game of Thrones out of her hands to stop her signing them.

According to Headey she had to resort to signing fan’s copies against their wishes to stop Peter Dinklage (who was sat next to her) from being buried in dozens of copies of the book people were thrusting into his hands. She also revealed in a Conan O’Brien interview that people sometimes call her “a f*****g bitch” right to her face, in the street when she’s walking around in not bothering anyone.

Man, Cersei may be a little evil, but that’s just rude.

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