The Lady Killing Dragon King of Bhutan


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We have a rule here at Factfiend : “When you’re the undisputed ruler of a country still metal enough to have a dragon on its flag, you can have an article written about you that does nothing but kiss your ass“. Since the only person on Earth who falls into that category at this moment in time is Jigme Wangchuck, the current monarch of the kingdom of Bhutan, we guess we better get to puckering up.

First things first because we know somebody will ask or fire up Google, yes,  Jigme Wangchuck’s official title really is “The Dragon King of the Kingdom of Bhutan” because his country is just awesome like that. Second things second, no, he’s not actually related to a dragon, it’s just a name, sorry.

With that out out of the way we should probably get to talking about how dreamy Jigme is, more specifically, how he’s so hot that his mere presence in the country of Thailand resulted in a notable spike of tourism to the Kingdom of Bhutan back in 2006. According to reports, Jigme’s astonishingly handsome face caused such a stir with young Thai women and Thai men who happened to appreciate kick-ass cheekbones we guess, that tourism from Thailand to Bhutan exploded practically overnight.

We can't imagine why.
We can’t imagine why.

But Jigme isn’t just a pretty face who also happens to be the undisputed ruler of literally one of the happiest countries on Earth, he’s also reportedly a super nice guy who has vowed to meet every single one of this 650,000 subjects before the end of his reign. To accomplish this lofty goal, the King often likes to travel around Bhutan by car purely to meet people and he will stop for any citizen who wants his help, even if it’s just to play soccer or pose for a selfie. The king also holds raffles in every village he visits where he gives random people TV sets and radios and has been known to stay out until midnight talking with subjects and posing for photos, because he’s just that sort of guy.

In fact, the King has made it his prerogative to help as many people as possible utilising what is known as “Kidu” which essentially translates to “his majesty’s welfare“. In a nutshell Kidu allows the King to use his royal powers to grant citizens anything from land to money, depending on what exactly it is they need or want. Citizens can also send the King a letter with a request if they want, because even a guy called “The Dragon King” can’t be everywhere at once, even though it kind of sounds like he could be.

The King is also on Facebook, where he shares pictures of himself posing with subjects and of random animals he encounters while roaming the countryside of Bhutan, because the King is apparently really dedicated to securing the “teenage girl” demographic after making every woman in Thailand hang his picture on their wall.  That’s not a joke by the way, because the King has an official calender that you can download for free featuring shots of him and his insanely hot wife.

Imagine if Obama did this.
Imagine if Obama did this.

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that Jigme has made it his mission to not only improve education and agriculture for his people, but has also enacted sweeping reforms to democratise his country. In fact, literally one of the first things Jigme did after becoming King was give up almost all his power and hand it over to the Bhutanese parliament before going on a massive tour of the country encouraging people to vote. When your first act as undisputed ruler of an entire country is severely limit your own power and then use your vast resources to start giving random people kick-ass TV sets, you may as well just have a mural commissioned of you kicking Batman square in the dick because shit, you probably deserve at least 3 of those.

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