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Isaac Asimov Was Kind of a Douchebag (To Women)


Isaac Asimov is one of the best, if not the best science fiction writer that has ever lived, but that shouldn’t excuse him from criticism. Or people calling him a dick, which he kind of was when you realise he was notorious for sexually assaulting women at science fiction conventions. 

The Guy Who Took That Che Guevara Picture Got no Money for it

What a

Guerrillero Heroico (pictured above) is probably the single most well-known photographs ever taken and is arguably one of the most recognisable images on the planet. Which makes it strange that the man who took the photo never earned a single penny from it. 

Even Drug Dealers Love Playing Snake


Thanks to shows like Breaking Bad, we tend to think of drug dealers as people with just, a shit ton of money who aren’t afraid to show it off. In recent years though, savvy drug dealers in the UK have taken to rocking the most retro of phones to evade the police. 

Samurai Used to Shoot Padded Arrows at Dogs


Hey, remember when we talked about how Japanese swordsmiths would test how sharp their swords were by cutting screaming prisoners in half? Do you also remember thinking that there couldn’t possibly be something more awful than that? Yeah, about that.

Guitar Hero Mixed Metallica’s Album Better Than They Did


According to assholes who take music way too seriously, or “critics” as they prefer to be called, Death Magnetic was a return to form for Metallica, featuring some of their best songs in years. One thing critics did notice though was that the album sounded pretty shitty, quality-wise, unless that is they listened to it via Guitar Hero.