Stiffler’s Mom Helped Stiffler’s Mom Get Laid


The American Pie series centers mostly around the antics of a bunch of goofy dudes on their quest to lay as much pipe as humanly possible despite the disadvantage of looking like Jason Biggs. While many of the principle actors saw great success following the film, only one can claim that it directly resulted in them getting like, so laid. Jennifer Coolidge. AKA, Stiffler’s Mom.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, it  initially follows a group of friends who make a pact to lose their virginity before finishing high school and the various misadventures that befall them as they try to accomplish this noble goal. A cult classic that spawned one too many shitty spin offs that ultimately, somehow in spite of this fact, manages to stick the landing with a fairly touching send off to the cast that explores the idea of no longer being a kid but also not quite feeling like an adult yet.

Anyway, by far one of the series’ most memorable and enduring running gags is that of Stiffler’s Mom. Described in-universe as the pinnacle of womanhood and a character who helped popularise the term MILF, Stiffler’s Mom makes sporadic appearances throughout the series, usually appearing for only a minute or two which is oddly enough how long it’s said most men would last trying to satisfy that much woman.

Specifically the joke is that a night with Stiffler’s Mom is a quite literal life-changing experience to the point one character basically spends the rest of the series wondering how they’re supposed to go on living knowing that they will never again experience the kind of sexual fulfillment they felt while being inside of their friend’s mom.

Anyway, the character is played by Jennifer Coolidge who has basically spent her entire career since the first movie was released being associated with that of a sexually ravenous chain-smoking cougar who could snap your dick clean off. Which apparently she’s just A-Okay with.

We know this because when asked about her thoughts on the character Coolidge, in typically disarming fashion, openly admitted that the character resulted in her getting mad laid. Specifically the actress noted that following the movie younger guys who’d have never given her a second glance previously would fall over themselves in bars trying to impress her. A statement we don’t believe and would like to counter with this photo of Jennifer Coolidge.

Anyway, Coolidge was, in her own words, only too happy to reciprocate this attention with a wistful Coolidge noting that there’s probably been about 200 guys she’d have never had a chance to sleep with without American Pie.