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Superman Really Loves Christmas

It's not like he hasn't done it before.

Christmas is a magical time that can turn even the most burly and gruff of men into giant man-sized children, but surely someone like Superman, the symbol of truth, justice and owning pectoral muscles that technically class as a war crime is capable of controlling himself around the holiday season, right? As it so happens though, Superman kind of loves Christmas, like a lot.

Candy Canes Were Invented as a Way Of Keeping Children Quiet


Candy canes are a Christmas staple, a sugary snack you can turn into a crude stabbing implement just by sucking on it, few people realise though that literally the only reason candy canes exist is because one guy wanted a foolproof way of shutting kids the hell up at Christmas time.

The Interview That Cost Microsoft Resident Evil 4


For the non-gamers reading this, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most highly rated video games ever made and originally, it was only supposed to be released for a single games console, all because of an interview.

The Amazingly (Insane) Akira Kurosawa


The beauty of talking about Akira Kurosawa is that even if you don’t think you’ve seen one of his films, you’ve seen one of his films because Hollywood has been ripping them off for as long as he’s been making them. But we’re not here to talk about that today, we’re here to talk about how utterly insane Kurosawa was when it came to the little things. 

Joseph Stalin’s House Was Tiny so That he Wouldn’t Feel Short


Few names are as synonymous with evil and generally being a massive dickhead than Joseph Stalin, while he’s not as well known for his crimes against humanity as say, Hitler, he is, as many internet commenters seem oddly keen to point out, responsible for more deaths. So we think it’s only fair we make fun of him for being short.