One of the most badass character in gaming is scared of vampires


Within the context of the indie game funding and Metal Gear universe, Big Boss is considered to be the greatest soldier the world has ever known. A fact that is somewhat at odds with information revealed about him during gameplay, like his crippling fear of vampires. 

You see, according to pretty much every game in the Metal Gear series, Big Boss is legendary figure in the world of soldiering responsible for some of the most storied and outlandish feats of badassery ever seen on the battlefield.

For example in just the space of a single game Big Boss, who is going by Naked Snake at the time for reasons too stupid to explain right now, singlehandedly defeats a guy with the ability to fire bees out of his asshole, a 100 year old man who invented the art of sniping, a 6ft 8 inch tall man who can punch bullets and a tank capable of launching nuclear missiles being driven by that last guy.

Feats like these understandably make Big Boss a fucking legend amongst his peers to such an extent a shadowy cabal of super powerful turbo-billionaires steal clone his balls so that his legacy of world-class soldiering can continue. The thing is, as cool as Big Boss is he isn’t without his, eccentricities. Chief amongst them being his inexplicable fear of the supernatural and especially, vampires.

Now while you’d think this wouldn’t come up much in a game series about shooting people in the dick, it kind of comes up a lot. For instance in Metal Gear Solid 3 the character asks one of his compatriots to avoid using the word “Dracula” because he’s trying to sleep and then has a nightmare as a direct result of the conversation. Then in another asks them to stop talking about vampires altogether because he really doesn’t like thinking about them.

As if this wasn’t adorable enough, in another conversation the character also reveals that he believes in Santa Claus and gets audibly annoyed when another character makes fun of him for it. Something we’d be inclined to make fun of if it wasn’t for the fact that during the course of the series Big Boss also encounters a man who can fly, ninjas and a fucking ghost. So yeah, it’s not like a fat guy in a red suit who hands out presents is that far out of the realm of possibility.