There’s a Sequel to Fist of Fury, Starring Jackie Chan


Before we continue, no this isn’t an April Fools prank, there is genuinely a sequel to Fist of Fury starring Jackie Chan and it’s not a comedy! It’s a serious film that was explicitly created after Bruce Lee died with the intention of replacing him with Jackie Chan.

The film which is no shit, called “New Fist of Fury” was released in 1976 (three years after Bruce Lee was hired as God’s personal bodyguard) and it was directed by the same guy, Lo Wei. If that wasn’t weird and creepy enough, Wei specifically wrote the film to launch Chan’s career and position him as “The new Bruce Lee“. While you think about that, please enjoy this image of Bruce Lee elbowing his “replacement” so hard in the stomach he’s about to shit a diamond in Enter the Dragon.

Pictured: Jackie Chan being brutally killed by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.
You don’t enter the Dragon, the Dragon enters you!

To make the entire thing even more uncomfortable and disturbing, Wei gave Chan the stage-name of, Cheng Long for the movie. If you’re not versed in Chinese, that literally translates to “becoming the dragon”, a play on Bruce Lee’s nickname of “Little Dragon”. Just so that we’re all crystal clear on this, Lo Wei gave Jackie Chan a nickname that suggested that he was literally becoming Bruce Lee in a movie starring his fiancée from the previous movie. Just when you don’t think this whole thing could be any more insulting to Bruce Lee’s memory, just look at how they advertised it.

"One man, one style, one legend" Soak that in.
The tagline reads, “One man, one style, one legend” let that soak in.

Yes, they genuinely tried to suggest that Jackie Chan was the “One Legend” capable of using the “one style” in a movie where he was literally copying Bruce Lee, the guy who invented the “one style”, just three years after he died. Now we’re not trying to belittle Jackie Chan because we love that guy, but he just isn’t Bruce Lee and we don’t want him to because no one could replace Bruce Lee.

Imagine for a second if Arnold Schwarzenegger died and then two years later they remade The Terminator starring a completely unknown actor with a tagline suggesting he was “the original giant killer robot”. People would flip their shit. That’s basically what Lo Wei tried to do with this movie and to top it all off, the fight scenes, one of the most important parts of the movie, aren’t even that great because Jackie Chan was wholly unfamiliar with Lee’s fighting style.

Fortunately Jackie Chan managed to find his own niche (without desecrating the memory of a martial arts legend) when he later starred in  Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and then Drunken Master which introduced the world to his now signature comedic action style. Lo Wei on the other hand continued trying to milk Fist of Fury for all it was worth, casting Jackie Chan in several more films in an attempt to push him as the “next Bruce Lee“, even after it became clear that the world would pay good money to see him just being Jackie Chan.

Wow, that’s actually kind of depressing.