The Russian Tank That Coudn’t Be Stopped!


Russian’s have an unfair reputation when it comes to war. If the French are known for surrendering at the drop of a hat, American’s are known for bombing the ever loving crap out of everything then we’ll be damned if the Russian’s aren’t known for straight up crushing German anti-tank guns, with tanks!

As odd as it sounds, back in WW2, this actually happened. In the Battle of Raseiniai, the Russian’s debuted their brand new and incredibly well armoured Kliment Voroshilov tank, colloquially known as the KV heavy tank by everyone who didn’t see them RUN OVER ANTI-TANK GUNS!

The KV was virtually immune to all types of fire, up to and including point blank shots from other tanks, the only known way to destroy one after their introduction was to literally drive up behind it at shoot it directly in the tank-ass with another tank. Even then, that only work like half of the time.

The Battle of Raseiniai marked the first time the German’s have ever seen a KV. Since they weren’t yet introduced to the iron ghost made of screams that was the KV, they happily opened fire with everything in their arsenal, only to see that the KV was not only unharmed, but that it was driving directly towards them!

Rather than shoot the opposing soldiers with the gun mounted to the front of his death-tank, the KV pilots resorted to simply running over everything in their way, up to and including the very weapons of war the German’s had brought with them specifically to combat tanks. The tanks reportedly drove hundreds of yards in a straight line towards anti-tank guns and just ran them the hell over. All while being continually shot at with heavy ordinance, despite driving in a straight line towards the very things designed to destroy them, the Russian’s didn’t lose a single KV tank that day.

And that is why we love history, it’s just so badass.