Chickens, Domesticated for Fighting, Not Food

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If you make this site one of your go-to internet destinations, you’re going to discover that the author of this site loves chickens and will drop facts about them all the time in the hope of sharing his passion with the world. Today the chicken based fact we’d like to share is that the chicken was originally harnessed by man for its killing power, not its tendency to roll around in breadcrumbs and willingly jump into vats of hot oil.

Though cock-fighting today is consider evil, cruel and a waste of good drumsticks, hundreds of years ago people saw no problem with it, presumably because KFC gravy had yet to be invented. People even ignored the food the chicken would literally poop out daily in lieu of making them Mortal Kombat each other to death. Yes, oddly people never saw the benefit of an animal that would produce infinite free food because they were too busy making them tear each other apart.

We know people back then weren’t privy to the same knowledge we are, but come on, if someone tugged on a cow’s udder and drank what came out, we’re finding it hard to believe that someone didn’t at least try to eat an egg. Or maybe they did and just enjoyed chicken murder more. We guess we’ll never know.

It’s noted that the first examples of chicken domestication came from Asia, Africa and Europe, where the lives of countless chickens were lost to cock-fighting before it was finally made illegal in around 1849. After being made illegal people noticed that chickens were actually pretty tasty and when they weren’t murdering each other they were pretty awesome. So they started raising them for food. To stop their new domesticated chickens from killing each other now that they were being raised for food instead of murder, farmers took to making all their chickens wear tiny pairs of sunglasses. Absolutely none of that is made up.


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