You Should Probably Ignore The Better Business Bureau


When it comes to knowing whether or not you can trust a business to not punch your dog when you leave it to be groomed or wipe their junk over your shirt when you leave it to be dry-cleaned, you should probably start by plopping the businesses name in on Google and see what the internet thinks of them.

The holy grail of what businesses want from the online world, besides a Yelp review that only mentions rectal trauma twice, is a good grade from the Better Business Bureau. Who only award their coveted A ranking to, well, anyone who bothers to pay them a membership fee.

Now some people got a little confused about why the BBB (just roll with it) were reportedly try to score membership fees from the businesses featured on their site, something you may notice as being what we like to call, shady as all hell. Some places even reported that the BBB would offer to raise their flagging rank if they coughed up the money being asked for.

Curious to test this a guy registered a fake business under the name, “Hamas”, yes, in reference to that Hamas. Unbelievably despite the fact the business didn’t exist and it was named after a group linked with terrorist activity, the BBB totally awarded it an A ranking, because hey, it was some top notch terrorism, you guys.

The BBB has also been accused of awarding a perfect A ranking to the totally-full-of-racists website, Stormfront, which we won’t link to now, or ever. Because racists aren’t our target demographic, regardless of how good their business ethics are.
So yeah, screw the BBB.