We Honestly Didn’t Think Japan Could Get Any More Polite

Image source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Two_Cell_Phones_2.png

We all know that Japanese people are like, super-polite, they’re the kind of people who mug each other with hand written notes (they don’t, but wouldn’t that be cool?). This extends into virtually every facet of their life, even the parts of it they spend staring at a tiny screen instead of the giant robots we assume roam their cities at will.

Japanese cell phone culture is so elaborate and so detailed that it has its own freaking Wikipedia page, which is disappointingly not written entirely in text speak just to annoy people. However, one of the coolest and most adorable facts is that people over there are so polite that silent mode on Japanese phones is literally called “manner mode”.

Here’s the cool part though, this isn’t just a feature, it’s a part of the culture itself. If you get on a train, or go to see a movie, messages and signs will bombard your senses letting you know to put your phone into manner mode. If you don’t and your phone happens to go off, expect to feel the combined disapproval of every person in your vicinity rain down on you harder than lead rain on Jupiter.

Meaning yes, in Japan, no one’s phone ever goes off during a movie lest they want to be mind stabbed by their peers and you can ride the bus without hearing what Akira is going to do to his wife when he gets home (so much weird Japanese sex stuff). Yo, Nokia, can we get manner mode on our phones? That sounds like exactly the sort of thing we need over here.

Facts About the Japanese Culture