Peter Weller Listened to Music While Shooting Bad Guys in ‘Robocop’


Robocop is an invincible sentinel of cyborg justice. He’s incorruptible, bulletproof and can shoot bad guys in the dick from a mile away, something no better summed up than by the scene in the 1987 Robocop movie of him shooting endless bad guys in a drug factory. A scene that we’re now going to make infinitely cooler by talking about how Peter Weller was listening to a soft rock ballad during the whole thing. 

If you’re not familiar with the scene, in a nutshell Robocop learns that a drug deal is going down in an abandoned factory and decides to fuck up everyone present’s day by strolling in and getting his John Woo on.

Pictured: Police work.

Robocop kills like 80 people during that scene by shooting everyone who isn’t a robotic police officer in the genitals an excessive but necessary amount of times. After making sure everyone present is either dead or nursing newly formed bullet holes where their dick should be, our hero then violently punches the criminal responsible for him turning into a sick cyborg capable of walking through a hailstorm of bullets through several plate glass windows because he can no longer fuck his wife. A scene that as we’ve discussed before, they had to run past actual police officers because they were worried that showing a supposedly perfect police officer violating a criminals basic rights would come across as crass. Apparently police officers loved watching Robocop viciously beat a criminal with his giant robotic manimal paws so the scene made it into the movie without any cuts.

Unlike the stuntman who presumably had quite a few.

Moving back the drug raid scene the sheer amount of blanks being fired at and around Robocop meant that the actor in the Robocop suit, Peter Weller had to deal with a lot of loud noises for a couple of hours each day while they were filming the scene. Rather than simply wearing ear plugs or something, Weller instead opted to grab a Walkman and put on a pair of headphones which just so happened to fit perfectly under the Robocop helmet.

So what was Weller listening to while blowing criminals away with twirling gun combos and pin-point accurate shots to the pain centre of the brain? Peter Gabriel’s Red Rain. A song we now invite you to listen to in the background while watching that drug raid scene again so you can experience it the same way Robocop did.

What we’re really curious about now is whether or not those headphones exist within the context of the Robocop universe. We mean, Robocop is still a human beneath all that armor so does he listen to music when he’s not being a police officer? Or does he, like we assume, constantly listen to that song on a loop whenever he shoots bad guys because it makes him feel like he’s in a music video? We’re going to say yes because it sounds amazing and because nobody can prove us wrong.