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Scientists Didn’t Think The Platypus Was A Real Animal At First


The platypus, AKA, God’s little mistake is one of the only a few mammals on Earth known to lay eggs, however most people find it weird not because it lays eggs, but because it looks like a beaver someone hastily glued a duck bill to. Weirdly enough, when scientists first got their hands on a platypus corpse, they didn’t actually believe it was real precisely for that reason, in fact they almost cut apart the very first stuffed specimen just to prove it.

Richard Attenborough Wasn’t Phased By Explosions, Hurricanes


Richard Attenborough is (rightly) known for two roles, John Hammond in Jurassic Park and Father frickin’ Christmas in Miracle on 34th Street. Contrary to the doddering, grandfatherly figure he often played in movies, Attenborough was actually pretty badass, as evidenced by the fact he once slept through an actual hurricane. 

Bruce Lee Nearly Made Women Faint, by Flexing


Long-time readers of this site are probably well aware that the author has a huge man-crush on Bruce Lee and that he’s taken every possible chance given to him to write about him on Factfiend and our sister site, Toptenz. As usual, today’s fact won’t be accompanied by an article, but since it’s about our favourite martial artist, we’ll leave you with a bonus fact. Bruce Lee’s once appeared in a movie where he leaps off of a building because someone calls him gay. Seriously.

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Beavis and Butt-head Were Accused of Causing so Much Crime


As per usual, Wednesday’s fact is just an image macro without an accompanying article so that our author can run through our archives and make them look all pretty for  you guys. This week’s fact of the day is about how Beavis and Butt-head were accused multiple times of causing violent behaviour in the 90’s, each time in a case where the accused didn’t even have cable and thus had no ability to watch the show in the first place. It’s almost like prosecutors back then were looking for an easy scapegoat to pin the crime on instead of actually doing their jobs, we sure are glad that isn’t a thing any more.

Buster Keaton, The Human Missile


Buster Keaton is mostly known for two things, his stunt work during the silent film era and the fact he almost never smiled or smirked in any of his movies or comedy shorts, earning him the nickname “the great stone face”. Which is arguably better than his earlier nickname of “The human mop”.