The Interview That Cost Microsoft Resident Evil 4


For the non-gamers reading this, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most highly rated video games ever made and originally, it was only supposed to be released for a single games console, all because of an interview.

For anyone who isn’t fully sold on the idea that this is potentially one of the single best video games ever made, rather than quoting reviews or explaining the subtle nuances of the genre it basically invented (action horror) we’re just going to say that in this game, you can suplex a zombie, while playing as the president’s daughter.

Lets see one of Obama's daughters do this.
Lets see one of Obama’s daughters do this.

The game sold millions of copies and, as we already mentioned, invented a new genre of gaming commonly referred to as “action horror” which in turn inspired such games as the Dead Space Series, Gears of War and even The Last of Usa game we’ve already spent 800 words fawning over because it contains punch lasersMeaning Resident Evil 4 is directly responsible for a game where you can punch giant mushroom men to death.

In short, it kicks more ass than a donkey owner wearing three sets of spurs, which makes the fact this game was originally exclusive to the Gamecube all the more surprising. Initially, Resident Evil 4 was supposed to be released on the PS2 (one of the best selling consoles of all time) however, Shinji Mikami the game’s director had a falling out with Sony and instead decided to pitch his game to their two biggest rivals, Microsoft (who produced the Xbox) and Nintendo (who produced the Gamecube). Mikami was so serious about trying to screw over Sony that he famously said he’d cut off his own fucking head if it was ever released on the platform! It was only when Sony offered them basically all of the money that Mikami finally softened his stance on the company.

Initially, Mikami offered the game to Microsoft who at the time were trying to promote their fledgling console, the Xbox, via a translator Mikami asked a Microsoft representative what Microsoft could offer the team making the game. A question which the representative answered with nothing but a blank stare and presumably a very limp double finger point. Pissed at having his time wasted, Mikami stood up and walked straight out of the room and gave the game to Nintendo who went on to turn it into one of the most popular games ever released.

Suffice to say, if that representative had not been such a dipshit and answered Mikami rather than saying absolutely nothing  the Xbox would have had exclusive rights to sell Resident Evil God-damn 4! Which could have given them a crucial edge of Sony and Nintendo in the so-called console war. Instead, Nintendo got the game and we got to suplex zombies holding a purple controller. Ah, memories.