Chrono Trigger’s Soundtrack was Composed in a Dream

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Chrono Trigger is regarded as one of the finest RPG videogames of all time, if you’ve never played it, just YouTube the soundtrack, because that’s the part we’re going to talk about today, because part of it was composed in someone’s dream.

Yasunori Mitsuda is one of the most famed video game composers of recent history, though you’re probably not familiar with his name, you’d no doubt heard one of the songs he’s composed. If you haven’t then you’re probably not a big fan of video games and we’re really starting to wonder why you clicked to read more?

But we digress, when Mitsuda was a young man he worked making sound effects for Square (later, Square Enix) games, when making virtual fart noises stopped paying his bills, Mitsuda straight up confronted his boss and told him to either let him compose some bomb-ass music, or he’d quit.

Mitsuda’s boss, impressed with the giant Japanese balls Mitsuda was currently showing, agreed and handed him full creative control over the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. Mitsuda, keen to prove his worth actually worked so hard on the project that he hospitalized himself. In fact, Mitsuda worked so hard that he even worked in his sleep. Then again, since he slept under his desk for half of the project we’re not that surprised.

In an interview with 1 Up magazine, Mitsuda revealed that several songs from both Chrono Trigger and the other games he went on to score after punching video gaming in the face forever were actually composed while he was asleep. When asked how he was able to be so cool, Mitsuda ripped a sick guitar solo and levitated out of the room. The interviewer is still waiting for the answer.