The Queen Refuses to Wear Boring Colors


The Queen of England ranks alongside Barack Obama, Superman and the Burger King as one of the most recognisable people on Earth. Apparently the Queen herself doesn’t agree with this to the point she will only wear eye-gougingly bright colors in public to make her easier to spot. 

The Queen enjoys such a level of recognition that despite only being the Queen of the United Kingdom and several less important countries people don’t give a shit about like Canada, she is near universally referred to as, well, The Queen. You know, even though there are plenty of other Queens in the world like Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, a woman we totally didn’t need to Google to find out existed.


As the ruling monarch of over a dozen countries and one of the longest reining monarchs in human history, Queen Elizabeth II has had her face plastered on money from across the globe for so long that you can actually see her age from a young girl on a Canadian banknote…

queen age 8

To an eminantly fuckable regent with a ball withering come hither stare on this Mauritian rupee …

queen age 29

To a kindly looking old woman on this Fijian 5 dollar bill …

queen age 70By virtue of having her face on money across the globe for the better half of a fucking century, the Queen is arguably one of the most immediately recognisable people on the planet. Think about it, everybody recognised what Abraham Lincoln or George Washington looks like and those guys are only on money in one country, the Queen is on every banknote over a dozen.

In spite of this, the Queen is remarkably humble about her fame, expressing to her biographer that she honestly feels that if it wasn’t for her penchant of wearing garish, single-colored dresses, nobody would recognise her. She takes this so seriously that commentators have noticed that she has quite literally, dressed in all of the colors of the rainbow over the years.

rainbow queen

The Queen feels so strongly about this that she’s let it be know that she honestly believes if she wore beige, nobody would be able to recognise her in a crowd. Something we feel is probably somewhat true given that she’s spent the last 3 decades wearing either a singular, bright color or a giant diamond covered hat.


But come on, this is a woman millions of people see every day when they buy McDonald’s or some shit, if they didn’t immediately recognise her face, they’d probably recognise the entourage of 80 people with guns and giant furry hats that follow her around. Come on Elizabeth, give yourself some credit.

Who is she?
Who is she?