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The Most Awkward Scene in the Mask of Zorro


This article now comes in video form and includes a bonus totally true and extremely embarrassing story about a friend of mine.

As per usual, the original article can be found below if that’s more your thing.

The co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons was a party animal


Gary Gygax was one half of the creative force that resulted in Dungeons & Dragons, a description that probably conjures a very specific imagine in your head. Well get ready to throw that image out the window and spike it to the curb because in reality Gygax was a total boss during the 80’s.

The Man On Packets of Uncle Ben’s Rice is Called Frank


This article can now be found in video form, literally right below this sentence.

If you’re not a fan of videos, feel free to check out the original article below.

Bruno, the motor oil drinking bear of Mysore


To many people unless they’re of the teddy variety, bears are far from cuddly and even less wuddly. Bruno the sloth bear was an apparent exception to that rule because he was not only trained to give literal bear hugs by his owner, but seemingly enjoyed doing so. 

That Time David Bowie Wore a Dress, Just Because


David Bowie is a fucking legend and there’s no way we could condense his 5 decade long career down into a single article, so instead we’re hear to simply share a single interesting story from his life and let his vast body of work and the impact he made on music speak for itself.