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Even President Roosevelt’s Portrait is Manlier Than You


To say President Roosevelt was manly is such a massive understatement about the size of his balls you risk a gnarled punch to the chops from the enraged ghost of Teddy himself just for suggesting such a thing. Roosevelt was a man composed of pure balltanium and he was so keen for everyone to know that fact he had every picture of him not looking like a badass destroyed.  

Darth Vader Doesn’t Give a F**k

"Does he really need to be here for this?"

Here on Factfiend we occasionally like to discuss character from fiction or sometimes real people from history who possess neither the ability or desire to give the faintest whiff of a shit. Today is the turn of Darth Vader. 

The Females in Frozen May as Well be Aliens


While it’s undeniable that Disney is the tits at animating the shit out of some talking lions, the company has faced criticism for its seeming inability to properly animate believable looking women. This was particularly noticeable in Frozen where the female characters were so odd looking they could be classified as a different species. 

How To Train Your Dragon Had To Play Dirty To Be Shown In Theatres


How To Train Your Dragon is one of the most highly rated animated movies in recent history and one of the most critically acclaimed 3D movies ever made (with perhaps the exception of Jackass 3D). Odd then that to even get theatres to show it, it had to compete with the film that nearly killed 3D movies, Clash Of The Titans.

Harry Potter is One of the Most Banned Books Ever


You wouldn’t think that the Harry Potter series is a controversial group of books, but, apparently, it really fucking is and to date, it remains one of the books school libraries in the US have the most trouble stocking because parents keep complaining about it.