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Otto Carius and the Greatest Shot Ever Taken in a Tank


Here me talk about tigers that time a Swiss guy made me think an eagle was going to claw my balls in the video version of this article.

Alternatively, read the original article below.

The Brilliant Way Gus Fring Ended Up Being a Bad Guy in ‘Breaking Bad’


Giancarlo Esposito is the actor 99% of people reading this recognise as Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. A role that only ended up being as big a part of the show as it did because Esposito hustled like an absolute pro. 

The Pilot Who Repaired a Plane’s Wing in Mid-flight, Helen Richey


This article recently got turned into a video, which you can check out below.

If that’s not your thing, check out the original article below.

Billionaire Warren Buffett Buys McDonald’s Using Coupons


Warren Buffett is a multi-billionaire investment genius worth more than King Midas’ bedroom after he’s had a seizure in it. He’s also though a frugal, grandfatherly man who isn’t one to let something like being the fourth richest man on the planet stop him from getting a good deal. 

Google Doesn’t Like it When People Use the Word Google in a Sentence


This article was recently turned into a video for our YouTube channel, which you can check out above. If videos aren’t your thing, you can read the original article below.