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Most of the badass lines from ‘300’ were actual Spartan quotes


The film 300 took more creative liberty with the past than that directors cut of Braveheart where Mel Gibson punches out King John wearing a mirrored tuxedo. So then you probably assumed that all the cheesy one liners growled by Gerard Butler during the film were the brainchild of some hack Hollywood writer. As it turns out though they were actually taken directly from real life and in some cases, the version seen in the movie was less badass than the one uttered in real life. 

Hodor, the Ultimate Troll


This article can now be found as a video, complete with shitty green-screen effects.

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‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ has the most fabulous extras


Extras in TV shows are supposed to be little more than window dressing, people hired to stand around and fill out the background of a shot so that fictional universes don’t look like they’re totally devoid of life. However sometime they offer subtle clues to the state of the world they live in. For example, a couple of background actors in Star Trek: The Next Generation show that the sexes of that universe have finally achieved complete, unequivocal equality. 

Stephen King Wrote Carrie Because Someone Said He Couldn’t


This article is now available in video form with a bonus story about how I begun writing full time.

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‘The Matrix: Reloaded’ Made Hugo Weaving realise he was losing his hair


The Matrix: Reloaded is certainly a movie, that much we can all agree on. Although the quality of the film’s story is somewhat contentious, most people are in agreement that the action scenes are fucking awesome. But did you know that one of them made Hugo Weaving realise he was losing his lovingly maintained man-mane?