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That time a single viking held off the entire British army


The vikings have a historical reputation for unparalleled battlefield badassery and combat prowess. A fact no better proven than by the actions of a lone, unnamed viking warrior during the Battle of Stamford bridge. A warrior who, according to legend, fought the entire English army to a standstill for an hour. 

‘The Raid 2’ Actors Trained Together, so They Wouldn’t Hurt Each Other


According to virtually every critic who watched it, The Raid 2 is one of the best action movies ever made, thanks in part to its kick-ass fight scenes. Filming those scenes though took forever because before they could be filmed, the actors needed to trust each other. 

One of the most powerful DC characters is a fucking cat


The DC universe is home to a number of immeasurably powerful beings capable of obliterating entire cities with a well-placed backhand or dropkick. Amusingly one of the individuals to stand amongst this pantheon of near god-like beings is a humble housecat called Dex-Starr. 

Cato the Younger Didn’t Give a F**k


Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis, better known by his Wu-Tang generator name, Cato the Younger, was a Roman statesmen famed throughout the land for his stubbornness and seemingly limitless supply of non-existent fucks to give. From pretty much the moment he was born Cato was surrounded by people who tried and failed to test his legendary ability to resist temptation. Sort of like those asshole tourists who do stupid dances in front of those guards outside Buckingham Palace, only without the big hat.

That time Adele made James Bond cry


Film buffs have long argued about which actor was the best James Bond and while that argument is unlikely to ever end, we feel fairly confident saying that the toughest James Bond is Daniel Craig’s take on the character. A fact that makes it kinda amusing that Craig, once cried at a song about him.