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WW2 Era Britain Didn’t Give a F**k


Over the last few years we’ve occasionally discussed people and sometimes fictional characters who through their actions, words and lazily extended middle fingers to the establishment proved that they neither care or are capable of giving a fuck. Today we’re giving the same treatment to the people of WW2 era Britain, specifically those caught in the Blitz. 

That Time Yuri Gagarin’s Jumped Out of a Second Story Window Face First


As you’d expect for a man known for being the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin was an instant celebrity the second he touched down on Earth and assured everyone he wasn’t covered in space cooties. Gagarin, as any of us would, took full advantage of his fame, using it to get mad drunk at every opportunity and most pertinent to today’s article, seduce the shit out of sexy ladies. 

Jason Voorhees has a Sense of Humor


As shown in the Friday the 13th series of films, Jason Voorhees is a nigh-unkillable sentinel of teenage virginity who enjoys nothing more than stomping kidneys and punching people’s heads off. As behind the scenes interviews have shown though, the actors who play him tend to have a sense of humor. 

Rembrandt Used to Bid On His Own Paintings


If someone were to ask you to name a famous painter who isn’t also a Ninja Turtle, the name Rembrandt is likely one of the first names you’d come up with. Even if you can’t name one of his paintings, Rembrandt’s name is still synonymous with art of the highest and fanciest quality, which makes it all the more hilarious that he used to bid on his own painting during his life to drive up the price. 

That Time Margaret Thatcher Impressed the SAS


The SAS are consistently ranked amongst the most badass and elite military units on Earth and they deservedly have a reputation for only accepting recruits so tough they can hammer diamond nails into a titanium plank with their dick. So imagine how fucking chill a 50 year old women with a purse had to be in front of them to earn their respect.