Liam Neeson’s Thoughts on Taken 3 Were Hilarious


Taken 3 is all but confirmed and Liam Neesons is set to reprise his role as Liam Neeson in the third chapter of the cult film. After Taken 2, Neeson was asked about the possibility of another sequel and he wasn’t exactly filled with confidence about it.

Weirdly when Taken was pitched to Liam Neeson he took one look at the script and assumed it would be a direct to DVD movie. This is despite the fact the movie basically features Neeson  punching the perfect movie enemy, (by which we mean people that are both brown and French) in an effort to rescue his daughter. We mean come on! Our eyeballs grew chest-hair just writing that down.

After the success of the first film, which we assume was green-lit by studios after some of Liam Neeson’s wedding video was spliced into the final cut, a sequel was hastily thrown together in which Liam Neeson’s wife is taken. Because terrorists apparently love being shot in the face by angry Irish people.

Though we’re super glad the Liam Neeson punch train isn’t ending yet, we’re positively glowing that we get to tell you that when asked by an Irish radio station about the possibility of a third Taken film, Liam Neeson very matter-of-factly said no. His reason, his daughter couldn’t get taken again, because that’s “just bad parenting”.

Luckily the studios either felt differently or agreed with us that we’d still be glad Liam Neeson was our dad if we were getting kidnapped every other day and Taken 3 is going to be a thing. Hell, we changed our dad’s name in our phone  to, “Liam Neeson” just in case we’re ever kidnapped.