Emptying a Boat, the Angus MacAskill way


At 7ft 9 inches, Angus MacAskill is the tallest true giant to ever live. By true giant we mean he was perfectly proportioned and able to walk around like a normal person, you know, only he could see really far. Now Angus’ height meant that he also had the proportional strength of a man his size, effectively making him the strongest man to have ever lived too.

Now throughout his life Angus accomplished many, many awesome acts of kick-ass strength, however, the best came when he was just doing his own damn thing. Though to be fair, “doing his own thing” for Angus involved punching life with giant ham sized fist until it gave him whatever he wanted.

Living in a fishing village, Angus spent his life watching the many sailors of his town work really hard to empty their boats of bilge water, Angus on the other hand was sufficiently strong enough to pick up a boat weighing half a ton and empty it onto the floor. Much to the annoyance of every sailor in his vicinity who all immediately tried to stab Angus in his broad shoulders with their personified rage-hate.

But hey, it was probably totally worth it on Angus’ end to see their faces.

Angus probably isn’t in this book, but he should be

Victorian Freaks: The Social Context of Freakery in Britain (Hardcover)

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