One of DC’s greatest villains is a brain-eating gorilla


The DC hero the Flash has a rather, shall we say, eclectic rogues gallery that seem altogether outclassed by a man capable of whipping his dick out so fast it causes hurricane force winds. For example consider the case of Gorilla Grodd, a super-intelligent ape who smacks people around with an oversized battle-spoon. 

First though, some background info on Gorilla Grodd because he’s easily one of the most enigmatic villains in DC canon, if only because, as we’ve discussed before, comics as a medium owe much of their early success to people’s unending obsession with apes. Noted as being one of the Flash’s most deadly opponents, Gorilla Grodd, is as his name suggests, a gorilla who hails from, we shit you not, Gorilla City. A secretive society of intelligent, albeit uncreative, apes noted for its highly advanced technology and gorilla-themed architecture.

Highly resourceful with a daunting intellect, Grodd is a formidable opponent capable of standing toe-to-toe with some of the heaviest hitters in the DC universe purely through his own genius. In the rare event this doesn’t work, thanks to his gorilla-ness Grodd can, when the situation requires it, overpower near-enough any opponent by literally going ape-shit.

As if all of this wasn’t scary enough, Grodd also possesses vast psionic abilities because of course the hyper-intelligent Gorilla can also throw buildings with his mind. This is a comic book after all. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact he is a talking gorilla, Grodd’s prodigious psionic powers and intelligence would be his most defining trait.

However, for some inexplicable reason, DC writers didn’t think that a psychic gorilla was scary enough and, in one comic, gave Grodd an even more ridiculous power. The ability to add to his already towering intellect and supplement his psionic abilities to Akira-like levels, by eating people’s brains.

Amazingly despite being a fucking gorilla who could effortlessly rip off a persons head as easily as you’d crack open an anaemic walnut, this version of Grodd is seemingly keen to avoid getting his meaty gorilla-paws dirty. Something we say because this version of the character carries a giant “combat spoon” (that’s seriously what they call it) that he uses to scoop out people’s brains after his beating them to death using his prodigious gorilla strength. Because comics are fucking amazing.