That time Jackie Chan admitted to watching horse pornography


Jackie Chan is a man who can punch bricks clean in half while holding a raw egg without breaking the egg and is capable of beating people to death with everything from a ladder to a broom. One thing Chan has trouble with however is speaking English, which is how while filming Rush Hour 3 someone managed to make him admit to watching horse porn. 

Now although Chan has been appearing in movies speaking English since the 80’s and has even dubbed over a bunch of his own movies, Chan wasn’t fluent in English for many years after arriving in the US in the late 70’s.

As you can see from his Facebook page, this is no longer a problem.

Chan initially learned English through immersion, arriving in the US in the late 70’s and basically spending his time absorbing every piece of Western media he could get his hands on. Although Chan reportedly picked up on English exceptionally quickly and could arguably speak the language better than 98% of his co-stars could speak Chinese after only a few months, he still struggled with its finer points.

To reiterate, this isn’t a problem he has today. 

As a result, for most of his English films Chan had to be coached by the production crew on how to pronounce certain words, resulting in him being spoon-fed most of his lines phonetically.

This led to a lot of shenanigans behinds the scenes, most notably on the set of Rush Hour 3 where Chan seemingly had more trouble shooting dialogue scenes than fight scenes. For example, for one scene in which Chan’s character casually suggests watching some pornography, he had to do like 20 takes. The crew, spying the opportunity for mischief, decided it would be funny to suggest a variety of things Chan’s character could specifically seek out in his adult entertainment. This resulted in outtakes which show Chan admitting to liking everything from lesbian prison porn to having a foot fetish.

Most amusingly one of the lines Chan was fed was “I like the ones with the horses“, prompting almost instantaneous scene-ruining and barely stifled laughter from the crew. Chan, sensing something is amiss, breaks character and asks a member of the crew “are you teaching me bad words?” as Chris Tucker totally loses his shit .

Moments later, the exact same thing happens again when Chan is told to admit to liking pornography with hairy women in it.