Sigourney Weaver cheers for the Alien in movies


There are few fictional creatures as effective at wrecking your shit as the Alien from, well, Alien. Or at least that’s what Sigourney Weaver believes considering she has made it known that she’ll never watch a movie where the Alien loses. You know, even though it kept trying to kill her in all the movies they were both in. 

More specifically, Weaver has revealed in multiple interviews that she’s never bothered to watch any film in the Alien Vs Predator series. A fact that often comes as a surprise to interviewers given that when the first one was being made, it was rumoured that she was going to be in it. Amusingly, Weaver is aware and appreciative of this rumour, largely due to massive salary she was apparently going to be paid for appearing in the film.

The truth though is that Weaver wanted absolutely nothing to do with the film, partly because she thought the premise of the film was stupid and partly because she thinks the Predator looks like a hedgehog.

In particular Weaver is said to dislike the very idea of the Aliens ever interacting with the Predators. So much so that she actively pushed for the idea of Ripley being killed in Alien 3, purely so that they couldn’t make a planned crossover film she’d heard about with her in it. When the film was eventually green-lit without her involvement she was further annoyed when she learned that the making of Alien Vs Predator had prevented a proper Alien movie being made. Then again considering how shitty Prometheus ended up being, maybe they should just let the franchise die and stop trying to make sequels to it.

Getting back to Weaver, her annoyance at the film is such that she has actively refused to see it and when asked for her opinion on its basic premise, usually shits all over it. Purely because the Alien loses. For example, when asked about the film at something called, get this, Alien Day, Weaver’s response to the film was simply “fuck that“.

Hell, Weaver has gone as far to say that she’d find it “painful” to watch the Alien lose a fight. You know, even though she’s spent half her movie career trying to kill it and the other half being hunted by it.

Then again, considering in the 4th Alien film she becomes half alien herself and, as a result of her newfangled xenomorph-human physiology, gains super-strength, acidic blood and the ability to dunk basketballs from half a mile away, her and the Alien are probably cool now.