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That time a guy wearing a chicken bucket ripped the hardest solo in guitar hero

Credit - Jhayne - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

As we’ve discussed before, the Guitar Hero series is widely responsible for introducing an entire generation of nerds to the concept of the kick-ass guitar-led rock and metal songs. Arguably one of the most eclectic and fondly remembered song ever featured in the series is Jordan. A bastard hard 5 minute long noodling guitar solo so difficult to finish some versions of the game rewarded you for it. A solo the original artist reportedly ripped in one take whilst wearing a chicken-scented bucket on his head. 

Two words have kept Danny Elfman insured for 25 years


Danny Elfman is a man who is singlehandedly responsible for more ear worms than a poorly maintained graveyard and throughout his career has composed some of the most memorable and iconic soundtracks from pop culture. Curiously, according to Elfman himself, the thing that’s made him the most money is the first 5 seconds of a song he wrote in a single day.

Tommy Wiseau doesn’t want people farting in his car


We don’t think it’s going to surprise anyone reading this, especially if they’re a fan of the site, that the human question mark known as Tommy Wiseau is an aggressively and intensely weird man with a list of idiosyncrasies longer than a CVS receipt. One of the most baffling is Wiseau’s bordering-on-unhinged distrust of valets. A group of people Wiseau profoundly dislikes due to the bizarre and unfounded fear they will fart all over his seat. 

That time a director made a critic fight Godzilla


Roland Emmerich’s creative output is the cinematic equivalent of diarrhoea in that it has largely been an unending, sputtering stream of shit occasionally interrupted by the smell of your own farts. A description Emmerich likely wouldn’t appreciate given that he once made two of his harshest critics fight Godzilla in one of his movies.

That time a studio made an actor scream about Godzilla for 24 hours straight


The 1954 Godzilla movie is rightfully considered a classic because it’s kind of hard not to love a movie about a giant atomic salamander-monster moonwalking over a city. Now while the original, Japanese version is the most famous, there’s a lot to be said about the American adaptation, most of it about how they made an actor scream about the eponymous kaiju for a day straight.