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That time a game made players compete in “the Wimbledon” of cheating contests


Titanfall is a video game in which you can punch people into pink mist from the cockpit of a 20 foot tall robot that talks like a British butler. In short, it’s fucking awesome. It was also, like a lot of videogames featuring competitive elements, filled with cheaters. Cheaters the developers punished by making them test their cheating mettle against other cheaters. 

That time a casino realised patrons didn’t want to be eaten by a giant lion


The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is arguably one of the most famous hotels on Earth. Boasting more square footage and amenities than some international airports, the Grand has been a Vegas staple for almost half a century, during which time it had to remove a large lion from its entrance that scared away Asian people. 

The most venomous snake on Earth has never actually killed anyone

Credit - XLerate - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Despite seeming like something you could figure out with a stack of liability waivers, a roomful of volunteers and an afternoon, experts are apparently still unsure which of the hundreds of venomous snakes that call Earth their home is technically “the deadliest”. That said, it’s widely agreed that the most venomous is the inland taipan, a snake that despite it’s fearsome reputation has never actually killed anyone. 

That time they spent $4 million making Shrek Scottish


Shrek is a film all about a 9 foot tall green ogre who WWE’s the shit out of an army of knights and rescues a buxom princess from a dragon-guarded castle just to be left alone. Basically he’s a hero. Whilst an iconic character today, Shrek as we know and love him today is the result of a series of design overhauls that included redubbing all of the character’s lines 3 times. 

Scenthounds have big ears to help them smell better


Scenthound or scent hound is the term used to describe a subset of hunting dog defined by their incredibly acute sense of smell and long-ass ears. Now while you’d think having massive ears would help these dogs hear better, they’re actually better suited for helping them smell things.