Cliff Young, the Unknown 61 Year Old who Won an Ultra-marathon


The story of the tortoise and the hare is one the few fables that actually teaches you a good message. The messaging being, being a tortoise is radical and hare’s can totally go suck eggs.

Growing up in Australia as a sheep farmer, Young spent his entire childhood running behind wool covered dogs, also known as “sheep” which we presume is where the term, sheep farmer came from. Running nearly 30KM every single day, Young was in exceptional shape virtually his entire life.

At the age of 61, Young decided to enter the Sydney to Melbourne ultra-marathon to show off how much better at running he was than all of these whipper-snappers. At first this went about as well as you’d expect and for the entire first day Young trailed behind the competition, that was until he arrived at the first way-point to sleep (ultra-marathons take place over 6 days).

While sleeping, Young’s coach accidentally woke Young up 3 hours early at 2AM, before he could notice his mistake Young was already miles away, since waking up at 2AM gave Young a pretty boss lead, he did it again, and again until eventually he won the race 2 days faster than anyone else had ever done it before and 10 hours faster than the competition.

Because young people, like hare’s can suck it.

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