Wolverine once used his powers to troll nazis during WW2


As the numerous comics and films he’s appeared in have established, Wolverine is a Marvel character with the uncanny ability to heal from near any injury almost instantaneously. A skill the man with adamantium claws once used to terrify the living shit out of a series of nazi officers during WW2. 

First though, for anyone who hasn’t read many comics or seen any of the the X-Men movies that flashback to Wolverine’s past, yes Wolverine absolutely fought during WW2 and has in fact, fought in wars even earlier than that.

This is all thanks to Wolverine’s mutant ability, an accelerated healing factor, that dramatically reduces the rate at which he ages to the point he’s arguably the most fuckable looking 100 year old in the Marvel universe.

While the full extent of Wolverine’s ability to heal from injury has never been defined, he has variously been shown shrugging off everything from shotgun blasts to the face to body-obliterating explosions that turned him into a walking, talking skeleton.

In fact, in one comic Wolverine regenerates from a single drop of blood showing that he’s effectively unkillable so long as a single cell of his DNA remains. Then again this happens when Wolverine’s healing factor is being turbo-charged by a weird alien crystal, so maybe it’s not fully representative of what he’s actually capable of.

Oddly it’s noted in some comics that the indestructible adamantium alloy covering Wolverine’s bones paradoxically makes him easier to kill because the metal is constantly leaching toxins into his system that his healing factor is forced to deal with. Kind of like how Deadpool’s healing factor (and his face) is is all kinds of fucked up by the virulent super-cancer his body is forced to combat.

Getting back to WW2 while numerous comics have alluded to or even centred around Wolverine’s antics during WW2, most have strayed away from ever talking about the actual horrors of the war. This changed in 2005 with the release of a Wolverine comic simply titled Prisoner Number Zero in which it is revealed that Wolverine spent some of WW2 in the Sobibór extermination camp. A real fucking place where 200,000 people died and some writer thought would be a suitable backdrop for a story about a guy with metal claws who runs around wearing yellow spandex.

In the comic, during which Wolverine never utters a single word, Logan silently stalks the camps new commandant after the first one inexplicably committed suicide. This commandant immediately suspicious of Wolverine’s menacing aura of power and orders him killed. However a day later the commandant becomes enraged when he notices that the man he saw “die” is still walking around very much alive.

Annoyed and somewhat confused, the commandant has Wolverine shot again before ordering his men beat the shit out of his body for good measure. The commandant then personally supervises the disposal of Wolverine’s corpse, which is unceremoniously hurled into an incinerator. As you can probably guess, Wolverine comes back and the commandant’s feelings shift from annoyance to fear as he recalls rumors amongst his Nazi cohorts about a young boy who used his mind to tear apart an armoured car.

Fearing that the man in front of him may also possess similarly destructive powers the commandant shoots Wolverine in the face only for him to come back again. This happens for weeks, during which time Wolverine is killed dozens of times, until the commandant becomes so terrified of the unkillable, silent man stalking him that he starts to suspect he’s going mad. It’s around this time that we, the readers, also realise that the guy the commandant replaced probably killed himself because Wolverine was similarly torturing him psychologically by using his immortality to freak him the fuck out.

The commandant himself doesn’t have time to realise this though when he is forced to confront Weapon X upon hearing from his men that there is a man in a gas chamber who simply refuses to die. That man is of course, motherfucking Wolverine who of course takes the opportunity to stab the Nazis escorting him because fuck them, they’re Nazis.

The commandant then changes tact and tries to torture Wolverine to discern why he won’t die only to be stonewalled by the X-Man who responds with nothing but a smile. Realising he’s getting nowhere the commandant begins violently beating Wolverine and accidentally knocks over a candle which sets his home ablaze. Wolverine then watches the commandant burn to death in unspeakable agony as it dawns on him that he’s going to die, alone and afraid.

A few days later Wolverine is shown once again shown standing in the camp as another commandant pulls up completely unaware that an unspeakably angry Canadian is going to commit suicide at him until he dies.