That time Tom Cruise’s cake obsession saved an entire bakery


Tom Cruise enjoys a reputation as one of the nicest men in Hollywood and there are countless stories out there detailing the extreme lengths the actor goes to, to make people like him. Something epitomised by the fact Cruise literally saved a bakery by sending virtually everyone he knows a massive cake, once a year, every year. Forever. 

Specifically Cruise is known to send pretty much every single person he knows a White Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan’s Bakery in California. A cake so powerful every source we consulted capitalises it’s name and spends like an entire paragraph talking about how delicious it is.


In fact, according to every person who’s ever received one of these cakes (which, spoilers, is like half of Hollywood) it’s one of the most decadent and moreish deserts money can buy. Hell, it’s so nice that even people who don’t like coconut rave about it. For example consider the case of Henry Cavill who received the cake as a gift from Cruise after starring alongside him in Mission: Impossible – Fallout and didn’t really think it looked that nice. Until he tried it, loved it and smashed the entire thing in a single sitting. Something you’re able to do to a cake that’s supposed to serve up to 16 people when your chest is wider than a car door.

Anyway, for anyone curious why Cruise specifically buys this particular cake, the story goes that years ago Diane Keaton bought him one once and he liked it so much that he decided every person he’d ever met needed to get one. No seriously, every fucking person.

As an idea of how little interaction you need to have with Cruise to receive one of these cakes, Kirsten Dunst still gets one from Cruise every single year and she appeared in a movie with him when she was 12. Likewise, even people who’ve just interviewed Cruise get one. Like comedian Graham Norton, who reportedly didn’t know about it for years because he staff would always eat it first. Yes, this cake is so good that people will literally open do that thing they do for a joke in that one episode of Friends where they keep stealing cheesecakes.

Hell, there’s a story told by documentarian Louis Theroux about the time his cousin worked with Cruise in a limited capacity and happened to mention, in passing, that their grandmother was about to turn 100. A week later said grandmother received 100 cupcakes in the mail.

Here’s the crazy part though, Cruise reportedly sends so many cakes to so many people that the actor near single-handedly kept Doan’s Bakery in business throughout the pandemic. Which wasn’t surprising to the bakery’s owner considering the actor’s massive fuck-off order each and every year has done exactly that, kept them in business during tough times on multiple occasions. Meaning Tom Cruise’s cake obsession is such that he has pretty much kept the person selling them in business during an unprecedented economic downturn. Which anyway you look at it, is a whole fuck-ton of cake.