That time Elvis kicked a gun out of Alice Cooper’s hand


Elvis Presley was once quoted as saying “There are two kinds of people who know Karate, The Chinese and The King.” ignoring the fact that karate is Japanese it is true that Elvis Presley was a low-key karate master who was so skilled he could kick a gun clean out of someone’s hand when they were moments away from shooting him. 

An avid practitioner of karate for almost his entire life, Elvis Presley somewhat infamously managed to attain the rank of 7th Dan in half the time it would take a lesser man. Something that makes it difficult to ascertain how good at punching people in the dick he actually was.

This said it’s largely agreed that whilst he wasn’t on the same level as a wisened master who devoted their entire life to whipping people’s shit Elvis was very good at karate to the point he wouldn’t think twice about throwing down with multiple people in the middle of kicking the fuck out of someone. Something we know because one of Elvis’ hobbies was driving around and solving crimes using his credentials as a Federal Agent At Large. A position that didn’t exist and was specially made up for Elvis by President Nixon.

For example, on one occasion Elvis observed a two men delivering a double beatdown from his car and decided that, that was not going to happen on the King’s watch. Sadly while we’d love to tell you that Elvis flew in like Batman and saved the day, the two men were so stunned to see Elvis that they stopped fighting and sheepishly asked for an autograph. However, the fact that Elvis willingly stepped in to fight two people at once shows how confident he was at being able to fuck someone up in a fist fight.

Getting back to him punching a gun out of someone’s hand, we have to refer to story told by shock rock legend Alice Cooper who once met Elvis in his hotel room and noticed that the entire room was filled to the brim with guns. When Cooper asked why he needed so many guns, Elvis opened a random drawer and handed one to him. A baffled Cooper then stood as Elvis guided his hand so that the gun was pointed directly at his own head.

Now according to Cooper he was genuinely considering pulling the trigger in that moment, telling himself that if he did he’d be a legend as, in his own words “he’d always be the guy who killed Elvis“. However before Cooper could even finish this though Elvis did a jumping spin kick like a Power Ranger or some shit, deftly knocking the gun out of his hand. A moment later Cooper was on the floor with Elvis whispering into his ear.

“That’s how you disarm someone with a gun.”