Spawn is powered by bugs, wolves and Detroit


Spawn is a comic character so edgy that you can get a paper cut from reading his comics on a phone. For example, did you know that Spawn is so defined by his commitment to edge that he can power himself by simply being in the vicinity of a wolf. 

First though it’s important to understand that Spawn is somewhat unique for a comic character in that he doesn’t have unlimited access to his powers or superhuman abilities. In fact, Spawn has a very real and finite limit on the amount of power he can use before he’s utterly and completely fucked. This is because Spawn isn’t human, but a Hellspawn and he is composed entirely of a mystical substance known as necroplasm. All you really need to know though is that Spawn has access to 9,999 units of this resource and when they’re depleted, his soul is considered forfeit and he will be sent to hell.

A place we feel he’d fit in to be honest.

For this reason, Spawn, despite having the (theoretical) potential for near-unlimited destruction and regeneration, rarely makes use of his vast arsenal of powers. Instead opting to rely on his own instincts and enhance Hellspawn physiology. Hell, in some incarnations Spawn actively avoids helping people he knows purely so that he won’t use up this precious resource.

Now while this makes for an interesting plot device and encourages writers tackling Spawn stories to be creative in how he uses his limited supernatural abilities, it is kind of lame that a towering badass like Spawn has to hide away from conflict all the time. Perhaps because of this numerous Spawn comics have introduced ways for the Hellspawn to circumvent this limit. Specifically his ability to draw on the “ambient evil” of the world.

The thing is, the comics aren’t exactly clear on what gives off this energy and what doesn’t and while some of them are clear, such as people harbouring murderous thoughts or something, some are a little more weird. For example, carrion insects supposedly give off this energy despite them having no higher brain function or concept of “evil” since they’re just acting on instinct. What’s even weirder though is that these creatures supposedly give off so much of this energy that it can sustain Spawn completely in a firefight and in some comics he will carry them in his mouth to drawn on it when needed. Which is weird and just so incredibly 90’s and edgy it hurts.

Moving on, wolves, bats, mongooses, foxes and for some reason black cats specifically also give off this energy, allowing Spawn to similarly sap their energy to power himself. Even weirder, it’s noted in some comics that specific places in the world exude this energy including somewhat understandably, Detroit. However, one comic notes that for some inexplicable reason, Albuquerque is a hotbed of evil energy, meaning Spawn can use his powers freely there. Which says a lot about either Albuquerque or Spawn and we’re not sure which answer is funnier.