People Actually Complained About Captain America Punching Hitler


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Hitler was a fucking asshole, we think we can all agree on that. But did you know back in 1941 when Marvel comics decided to show the literal personification of America punching Hitler right in his stupid face, people actually complained?

As you may or may not know depending on how much you know about Hitler, though today he’s universally despised and largely considered by many to have been “a dick” back in 1941, opinion was shall we say, divided.

Specifically, Hitler had a small but dedicated following in the states, mostly comprised of Nazi sympathisers and presumably also some people waiting for Reddit to be invented. Many of these followers took exception to the character of Captain America, in particular his “punch Hitler right in the fucking face” initiative. So they were kind of annoyed when literally the first issue of Captain America looked like this.


As soon as the issue hit stands, Nazi sympathizers began sending the writers poorly spelled death threats and Marvel was inundated with angry letters from people you can guarantee had penises the size of snake’s belt. The comic also drew the ire of isolationists who disagreed with the idea of America getting involved with WW2 and didn’t like how the comic showed America taking an active role in the conflict. For context, the first issue of Captain America was released in March of 1941, several months before Pearl Harbour kind of shut those guys up.

Despite the threats or possibly because of them, the writer and artist of the comic (who were both Jewish) teamed up and decided to make the next issue once again feature Captain America punching Hitler’s shit in, taking special care to ensure the Nazi leader looked as stupid as possible next to the rippling hero of American Justice.

“Oh no, not again!”

Nazis were even more annoyed with this second issue and soon after its release Marvel staff started to notice large groups of burly men with conspicuously flat crotches and a distinct look in their eye that screamed “I have never brought a woman to orgasm” hanging around outside their office. Curiously though, almost as soon as the men appeared, so did the police who began making regular patrols around the building around the same time.

As it turned out, the freaking Mayor of New York had read the comic and loved the character of Cap so much that he ordered the NYPD to protect Marvel’s offices from any dickheads wanting to do it harm. The Mayor even called Joe Simon, one of Captain America’s co-creators, personally to assure him that the city of New York had his and Captain America’s back.

Fuck yeah!
Fuck yeah!

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