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Sausages in WW2 Used To Explode


Of all the ways it is possible to lose an eye, “scalding sausage shrapnel” is probably the one that’s going to raise the most awkward questions in the emergency room. So you should probably feel sorry for people who lived in England during WW2 when that exact scenario was totally plausible.

The Arrow That Killed a Horse, Through Its Rider


As a great man once said, there’s no animal on Earth that won’t die if you just keep punching it, that said, some animals are decidedly harder to kill than others, like horses. Those things are pretty buff,  so then it’s pretty impressive that a guy once managed to kill one, through its own rider.

The Awesome Way Mario’s Voice Actor Got His Job


Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario, Nintendo’s ever present mascot, since 1995, though fans today couldn’t imagine anyone but Martinet having the role, he actually only managed to score it in the first place because of his own quick thinking.

Birds Sling Sick Burns At One Another When They Sing


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The gentle cheeping of a bird is one of the life’s sweetest pleasures, right up until you realise it’s almost certainly coming from a male bird screaming that he wants to get laid. Apparently along with being used to woo the ladies, singing serves the dual function of “dissing” other males.

Sikhs Are Basically Batman


When it comes to naming the most badass religion, it’s hard to top Sikhism, sure the Norse religion has Thor and Buddhism has all those temples full of shaolin monks, but Sikhism literally dictates that all of its followers have to carry a dagger and be willing to use it at all times to protect the helpless.