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This is Why Everyone Should Hate Foxes


Foxes are awesome, wanna see one? Then check out the source of the sweet-ass image above, after you’ve had your fill of sweet foxy goodness however, we’re going to tell you the a story that will explain to you why foxes are assholes. Because, well, they kind of are.

The Boxer Who Won a Match With a Dislocated Shoulder


Danny Williams is the kind of man who walked up stairs by punching them and shaved by screaming at a razor, being a super heavy weight boxer with years of experience Williams is quite honestly a terrifyingly, dangerous man. So we’re of course going to tell you about the time he nearly beat someone half to death with his bad hand because if we’re scared of him, you should be too.

Cliff Young, the Unknown 61 Year Old who Won an Ultra-marathon


The story of the tortoise and the hare is one the few fables that actually teaches you a good message. The messaging being, being a tortoise is radical and hare’s can totally go suck eggs.