One of the most successful photographers takes pictures of Gamecubes


Success in a creative field is, by the amorphous nature of art, hard to define, however we think most would agree it’s not completely unfair to define it, at least in a sense, using hard numbers. In which case it’s arguable one of the most successful photographers on Earth near exclusively takes photos of video game consoles. 

Called Evan Amos, this large-penised unsung hero of the internet age has dedicated a not insignificant portion of his adult life to taking photos of every video game console in existence. A mission we should note he started in 2010 and is still not finished because Amos is a perfectionist who insists on making sure he documents every angle and curve of even the most obscure video game playing devices accessories from history, like this forgotten gaming relic.

That controller though.

Reportedly inspired to do this purely out of sheer annoyance at how shitty stock photos of various video game systems tended, Amos has taken (exceptionally high quality) photos of near enough every piece of gaming technology to have ever existed. In addition he’s also taken photos of random items like candy bars and vinyl records. Which is, cool, we guess.

At this point you’re probably wondering “okay so this guy clearly has a massive, vagina decimating penis, but why are you saying he’s so popular?”, to which the answer is, go google literally any video game console you can think of and click on the first photo used to demonstrate what it looks like and then scroll down to see who took it. Chances are that with almost any console you can think of, you’ll see this …

Again, you may wonder why this matters so we invite you to scroll down just a little further, at which point you’ll be greeted by this …

For anyone unfamiliar with the intricacies of copyright law, this little disclaimer basically means anyone can use the image, for any purpose, anywhere on Earth for free. The latter part being especially important because it means that whenever anyone, anywhere has needed to use a photo of say, a PS2, they’re going to end up using one of Amos’ images, because why wouldn’t they? It’s free!

However, because Amos has selflessly released all his images into the public domain, you technically don’t have to credit him, which of course means nobody ever does. As a result, few people have ever heard Amos’ name despite his images being some of the most widely used in media. Hell, by Amos’ own estimation his work has been featured in thousands of magazines, TV shows, articles, movies and even fucking video games and have been seen millions of times. A stat that would make him arguably, one of the most prolific photographers of this decade, or it would if anybody knew who he was.

To his credit, Amos largely doesn’t give a shit if people use his images without credit or even that nobody knows who he is, because he only really cares about ensuring that the history of video games is chronicled via immaculately lit photos. A noble goal we deeply, deeply respect.