Frasier’s Dog Got Way More Fan Mail Than He Did


This article now comes in video form with a cameo from a tiny pupper called Gizmo. If you don’t want to see a small dog or watch a video about another, slightly larger dog, the original article can be found below. 

First things first, we know that Eddie the dog wasn’t owned by Frasier, writing short, succinct titles that also intrigue a reader enough to click is a subtle art form we have yet to master, we’re so sorry. With that out of the way, lets talk about how that little ball of fur got more fan mail than Kelsey Grammer.

If you’ve never seen Frasier, which is unlikely given how its statistically one of the best spin offs in television history and that it also stars Sideshow Bob and the stick insect from A Bug’s Life. Hell, the show is worth watching just as an excuse to watch Kelsey Grammer’s hair slowly turn from a partly tamed power metal mane …

Stylin' and Profilin'
Stylin’ and Profilin’

Into a neatly clipped power cut, reminiscent of your high school’s headteacher …

Is, is that the same jacket?
Is, is that the same jacket?

The show is also pretty funny and features cameos from some of the biggest stars of the day in the form of phone calls made to the fictional radio show the eponymous Frasier works at, making the show double as a fan-fucking-tastic drinking game if you’re good at guessing the voices of famous people. However, while critics poured warm sticky praise all over the show due to its writing and acting, the general public fell in love with the one character on the show who spent the majority of time licking his balls. Eddie, the pet dog of Frasier’s curmudgeonly father, played by a Jack Russell Terrier called Moose.

Pictured here on the cover of fucking Entertainment Weekly!
Pictured here on the cover of god-damn Entertainment Weekly!

Eddie’s on-screen antics enamoured the public so much that during the show’s peak, he was receiving more fan mail than almost every other actor on the show, combined. Which is impressive considering that one, Eddie had reletively little screen time compared to other characters on the show and two, he was a fucking dog.

Seriously, just for a second think about what we just said and we mean really think about it. For Moose to have received this much fan mail meant that tens of thousands of real people sat down and made the conscious decision to sit down and write a letter addressed to a dog they’d seen on television. Remember, this was before the widespread availability of the internet meaning these people presumably had to physically either write or type out these letters, put them in envelopes and then pay actual money to buy a stamp so that they could post them.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that you’re wasting your time reading dumb articles like this on the internet, gently inform them that in the 90’s, thousands of people wrote heartfelt letters addressed to a dog who probably shit all over them as baffled producers poured them all over him like Gatorade. Then show yourself this picture of Moose posing with his best-selling autobiography to keep your ego in check and remind yourself that Moose was still hot shit compared to you.

Yes, this is a real book you can buy.