Ecstasy, Less Dangerous Than You’d Think, Unless You Talk About It


Unless you had a trance music filled 90’s, you’re like unaware of the exact effects of ecstasy. However, we’ll bet pop-culture has taught you that the drug is at the very least dangerous, right?

Well oddly, no, no it isn’t. The actual odds of dying from taking the drug fall squarely at 1 in 6.8 million, for the record that’s less dangerous that pills you likely have in your medicine cabinet right now. Another experiment found that you’re more likely to injure yourself riding horses than you are chasing giant unicorns while Scooter plays on repeat in the background.

However, you’d be hard pressed to find any expert willing to say as much in public, why? Because people will straight up threaten to murder you if you do. Just ask Mary Hartnoll, who wrote a memo very matter-of-factly stating that as drugs go, ecstasy isn’t that dangerous. As soon as the memo was leaked to the public people went apeshit. The end result was people literally threatening to kill her, because the only way to teach kids that drugs are dangerous is to threaten to kill anyone who says otherwise.

Hell, we should teach kids that lesson for everything! We’d solve crime overnight.

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