Call of Duty Players Know How to React to Change Properly


We’d never take a shot at the people who play Call of Duty because there are no dead horses left to beat in a sentence mentioning the Call of Duty series. However, their fans are pretty insane, or at least the ones who threatened to kill people because of a change no ordinary person would ever notice are.

The change in question was a patch to the online multi-player element of the ever popular Black Ops 2 game. The developers made a few small changes to games code for balancing reasons, including altering the fire rate of two of the game’s sniper rifles. The fire rate was altered by a fraction of a second, the only way to realistically notice it was either by stripping the game down to the code, or by looking at the patch notes online and bitching about it. Guess which option players took?

Of course it was option number 2, most of the hate (seriously) was directed towards one of the Black Ops 2 big wigs, David Vonderhaar. Who, along with death threats and angry emails so poorly spelled he mistook them for a new varient of Chinese, was also harassed at his own home. We should point out the people sending these threats took time out of killing people in a virtual world, to threaten to kill a man in our world, virtually. We tried spell-checking that last sentence and our monitor caught fire because it was too stupid, so we’re sorry if there’s a mistake we missed.

In response to the threats, one of the developers of the game responded by calling the people issuing them “immature, whiny assholes” then immediately stopped typing because he knew he’d never type a sentence that fitting or perfect again.