Babe Ruth Ate 10 Hotdogs Per Day as a Snack


In the world of baseball Babe Ruth is a veritable legend both on and off the field, the former due to his prodigious talent for hucking baseballs towards peoples dicks at half the speed of sound and the latter for getting his absolute fuck on as thoroughly and consistently as possible. Both of which are rather impressive when you consider Babe Ruth consisted on a diet of hotdogs, beer and hotdogs.

Now you may notice we said hotdogs twice just then and we’d like to clarify that it’s not a mistake or typo, it’s just that Babe Ruth loved hotdogs so much we felt compelled to mention them twice to get that across.

As you can plainly see in this photo Ruth isn’t smiling. Because he doesn’t have a hotdog.

For example, it’s known that Ruth would routinely eat four fucking hotdogs as a snack between steaks, which he’d also order two of whenever he’d eat out. Which he did all the time, because fuck you, he was Babe Ruth and it was hotdog time. Hotdog. Time.

A fan of all porcine and bovine products, Ruth would also gorge himself on raw hamburger meat between meals and would eat about 4 pounds of steak every single day. For breakfast. Which he’d usually wash down with either half a dozen bottles of beer or Coca Cola depending on his mood and how hungover he was from the boozing and fucking the night before.

Speaking of which, Ruth was reportedly blind piss drunk for most of his later career to the point managers literally had to have a clause put into his contract that he couldn’t be hungover when playing. Something it’s worth noting is that while this did impact Ruth’s playing ability to a degree, he was so good at baseball that even when fueled by nothing but 9 pounds of abattoir floor scrapings on a bun and half a gallon of beer, he’d still, quite literally, knock it out of the park with a remarkable and frankly heroic degree of consistency.

In fact, there are only a few times Ruth’s diet is ever known to have negatively impacted his ability to play, with him once being sent to the hospital by a hotdog. Admittedly said hotdog was the 18th one he’d eaten that day, but it still caused him such crippling indigestion he had to be rushed to urgent care.

Artist’s impression.

This happening once would be hilarious enough but, if rumours about his life are to be believed, this happened multiple times. The only reason we don’t know for sure if this is the case is that Ruth was also frequently hospitalised by his other two addictions of alcohol and fucking as many women as possible so it’s not really clear if handlers and the press used the excuse of indigestion to save his reputation. However, just the fact that they were not only able to use this excuse but that we legitimately don’t know if it’s true or not because it had already happened once before speaks to the legend of Ruth’s appetite and his love of all things hotdog.

Either way, the fact one of the greatest and most well known figures in all of baseball was once sent to hospital by a fucking hotdog is too funny not to share.