The Addams Family lived in a bright pink swag house


If there are four things people know about the Addams Family it’s that they’re creepy, kooky, mysterious and dare we say it, spooky, something epitomised by the Addamses palatial estate filled to brim with creepy shit. A house that was, at least in the original series, bright pink. Largely because nobody dressing the set needed to give a shit. 

This is of course because the original Addams Family TV show was filmed in black and white, meaning that the actual color of an object in any given scene wasn’t as important as it’s tone. Which can be hard to visualise without an example so allow us to provide one in the form of this picture of the actual kind of makeup people would have to wear in the days of black and white broadcasting, which somewhat ironically, makes the actress look like a fucking zombie.

Whilst this admittedly looks very strange in color when you turn the contrast way the fuck up and put the image in black and white, it starts to look, well, normal. 

Which was the point and is the reason that actors and actresses back then had to wear, we shit you not, green and blue makeup. Likewise, sets were frequently dressed with how they would look on screen in mind and even things like special effects were realised via seemingly counter-intuitive methods.

For example, consider blood, which in modern productions is realise with, well, fake blood. However, as weird as it’s going to sound, fake blood doesn’t look like blood in black and white and as a result, many productions used chocolate syrup instead. Which brings us to the Addams Family’s swag mansion.

A family who owns a stuffed bear is probably doing alright. 

While you’d expect the colour scheme of the house belonging to a family who have a fucking cemetery on their property to be quite drab and dour, in reality the set was bright pink.

This is low key cool as fuck. 

The reasoning behind this being that the cast, who wore primarily dark outfits, would stand out against the set instead of blending into it. Which explains the primary color scheme but not all the random bullshit strewn about the frame. Well that is the result of the set basically being cobbled together from things production had lying around from other shows. Things set dressers didn’t need to bother trying to make match with anything else in frame because, at the end of the day, everything was going to be shot in black and white anyway. Which actually kind of fits with the tone of the show because we can absolutely imagine the Addamses filling their house with random shit nobody else wanted just because they thought it looked cool.