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Audie Murphy, Possible Terminator, Definite Badass

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First things first, Audie Murphy is the single most decorated soldier to fight in WW2 and possibly in WW3 when his ghost rises from the grave to find a worthy foe. He won every single medal for bravery America had, then won a bunch from the other, lesser countries too, because Audie wasn’t picky when it came to heroism.

The BBC Used to Make Radio Announcers Wear Dinner Jackets


When the BBC first started delivering nightly radio broadcasts to the British public, the radio announcers they hired had to work under a number of stringent conditions. The most curious of which was that they had to wear a dinner jacket to read the news. 

The Golden Eagle Sounds Like a Puppy

Photo credit: Igor Shpilenok, creative commons

The golden eagle is basically a cross between a falcon and a Swiss army knife coated in Kryptonite, by which we mean it can kill anything for any reason, because fuck you. According to ornithologists (bird nerds) it is easily one of the most dangerous and formidable birds in existence. According to those same nerds, it also sounds like a complete fucking nerd. 

Michael Bay Got Million of People to Drink Milk


Michael Bay is mostly known for two things, making stupid movies and making really stupid movies. His IMDB profile reads like the kind of DVD collection you’d find in the house of a 13-year-old who stole their parent’s credit card. But nestled at the bottom of his profile page is a credit that has earned him near universal critical acclaim and he freaking hates it.

The Explorer Who Cut Off His Own Fingers


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the world’s greatest living explorer. According to us, he’s a Liam Neeson character who escaped from the realm of film to punch our world in the dick.