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Thousands of WW2 Ships Were Painted to Look like Zebras

Picture credit: Imperial War Museum

The basic idea behind camouflage is that it’s supposed to make whatever you cover it with harder to spot in a specific environment, then you have dazzle camouflage, which is apparently what happens when you want everyone within an 80 mile radius to know exactly where you are and exactly how much you’re currently working it.

Medal of Honor Recipients Get Like So Much Cool Stuff


Next to the Astronaut Badge, the Medal of Honor is one of the rarest and most seldom seen awards in the military. Along with the obvious kudos that comes with being officially certified as a total badass by the god-damn President, recipients of the medal are entitled to a slew of benefits few people are aware of. All of which they absolutely deserve.

Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, The Man Who Told Hitler to go F**k Himself


If you were to ask 100 people what they’d do if they had access to a time machine, punch Hitler in the dick or a variation thereof would likely be the most popular answer you’d get back next to slapping a T-Rex in the face, just because. Which is kind of unecessary because a guy called Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck already did that and then some during WW2. 

The Awesome Story of Wolf #302, the Casanova Wolf


In spite of their best efforts to be as fuzzy as possible, wolves are still regarded by many as vicious creatures who hunt humans for fun (thanks, The Grey) which is kind of unfair because wolves actually mate for life, with one rather awesome exception, the so-called Casanova wolves.

Freddy Krueger was Inspired by a Homeless Guy, a Bully and a Superhero


Continuing with our theme of spooky Halloween related content, today we’d like to talk about another legend of classic horror, Freddy Krueger, more specifically we want to talk about how his look was inspired by some random homeless dude.