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Top Gun Increased Sales of Ray-Ban Glasses by 40%


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Chartreuse, The Liqueur That’s Made in Total Secrecy

Image credit: TwoWings

The whole crux of practically every KFC advertising campaign is that their chicken is made using a “secret recipe consisting of 11 herbs and spices”, the same can be said for Coke Cola and Pepsi, both of whom have played the “secret recipe” card in their ads. However, we think we’ve found a product that tops them all, Chartreuse, the liqueur made by monks. 

Tutankhamun’s Mummy Has Had a Pretty Bad Time

Image credit: Jon Bodsworth, photographer, badass.

Tutankhamun is arguably the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh in history, which is want to happen when your corpse is buried in a solid gold sarcophagi with your own god-damn face on it.  But did you know when the corpse of the Boy Pharaoh was first revealed to the public 8 decades after it was discovered, it had to be stored in a special case because he was so popular.

The Whose Line Is It Anyway Contestant Who Didn’t Say a Single Word

8 years is a perfectly acceptable amount of time to still be worked up about this.

Whose Line Is It Anyway has always had a very dedicated and passionate fan base, amongst which there is one name that causes opinions to divide like they’re made of water and aquaphobic oil, Kathy Greenwood. Despite being one of the shows most popular female performers, she’s infamous for once spending an entire episode without saying a word.