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King Khosrau II And His Abestos Napkin


Being rich comes with a ton of perks, one of which is the ability to wipe gold plated chicken away from your mouth with a rag made of poison. Well if you were rich, Persian and stupid in around 500-600 AD you could anyway.

Arabian Horses Are Pretty Much the Best


Due to the many tasks horses are required to perform, it’s very difficult to assert that any one breed is “the best” that said, Arabian horses come pretty damn close. 

President Kennedy Once Saved Someone’s Life, With His Teeth


It’s a well known fact that President John F. Kennedy served with the Navy during WW2 and that he won a medal for heroism and generally being awesome. What isn’t as well known is how ridiculously badass Kennedy acted on that fateful day.

Thomas Jefferson Once Used Slaves as Collateral on a Loan


Thomas Jefferson is a name synonymous with one of the most, if not the most important pieces of writing in American history, the Declaration of god-damn Independence. Which is awesome, but did you know he also once use people  as collateral on a loan?

King Agesilaus, The Ancient Spartan King, of Sass


As per usual, there will be no accompanying article with today’s fact so Karl can pretty some of our older posts and do some work at the back end of the site, which is absolutely not a euphemism however much it sounds like one. However, if you absolutely need to read about more badasses, why not check read our article about the man who could technically uppercut a fridge 6 feet into the air or that one time Marlon Brando broke into his own fridge just to take a huge bite out of a wheel of cheese.

Or you could always go read some more badass Spartan quotes, either way, we’ve got you covered.