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Someone Out There Dances Like Groot


The bonus pre-credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy in which we as an audience get to see that (spoiler) Groot survived his apparent death and is now a baby with more moves than Michael Jackson’s spirit fighting a Ghostbuster, is arguably one of the more memorable scenes from the last year in film. But did you know that the motion reference for that scene was based on how director James Gunn actually dances?

Man of Steel Was Basically All About Henry Cavill’s Abs


As we’ve discussed before, getting in shape to play a comic book superhero is a hell of a lot of work because superheroes are often portrayed as being at the peak of physical fitness and not sad sacks of shit like the rest of us. So when Henry Cavill was cast to play Superman, he pretty much had to attain a level of physical fitness only rivalled by professional athletes and really serious cosplayers. 

Churchill Expected British People to Explode Themselves If Germany Invaded


Though history tells us that Germany never managed to set foot in the UK during WW2, that doesn’t mean the UK didn’t plan for the eventuality of it happening. For example, did you know that the stupidly popular “keep calm and carry on” poster was actually invented to keep people’s morale up and stop them going crazy when their home’s were being bombed to shit. Speaking of crazy, here’s what Churchill had planned.

Isaac Asimov Was Kind of a Douchebag (To Women)


Isaac Asimov is one of the best, if not the best science fiction writer that has ever lived, but that shouldn’t excuse him from criticism. Or people calling him a dick, which he kind of was when you realise he was notorious for sexually assaulting women at science fiction conventions. 

The Guy Who Took That Che Guevara Picture Got no Money for it

What a

Guerrillero Heroico (pictured above) is probably the single most well-known photographs ever taken and is arguably one of the most recognisable images on the planet. Which makes it strange that the man who took the photo never earned a single penny from it.