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Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord Audition Was Only 30 Seconds Long


According to about 90% of critics, the the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is, to paraphrase them, the shit! Today we’d like to talk about how Chris Pratt was deemed so perfect for the role of Star-Lord, the director straight up offered to CGI a six-pack onto his body.

Stan Lee Originally Wanted Everyone to Hate Iron Man


In recent years, no doubt in thanks to the live-action movies bearing his name, Iron Man has become one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. Which is weird because when he designed the character, Stan Lee wanted everyone to fucking hate him. 

Leonardo da Vinci Could Kick Your Ass


Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his almost countless contributions to science and the arts and for being the inspiration behind the names of one quarter of the Ninja Turtles. As it turns out, old Leonardo likely had more in common with the half-shell heroes than most would assume given that he could apparently kick the ass of most of the people reading this.

Donald Trump Kept a Book of Hitler’s Speeches by His Bed


With all of the hoo-hah surrounding Donald Trump at the moment for his comment about putting American Muslims on some sort of register that he totally said, like twice, before denying it, and all of the connotations of Hitler such a comment rightfully invokes, it’s probably a good time to remind everyone of that time in 1990 when it was revealed Trump literally slept with a copy of Hitler’ s speeches within arms reach. 

Nobody Believes the Inventor of the GIF How ‘GIF’ is Pronounced


The pronunciation of the word GIF is probably one of the most explosive and contentious topics online trailing only behind the concept of tipping and whether or not it’s okay to harass women online. Which is odd, because the guy who invented the GIF has already conclusively stated that its pronounced “JIF” with a soft, flaccid and yet some how noble G and nobody listened to him.