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That Time a Samurai Sunk a Boat With an Arrow


Minamoto no Tametomo is a legendary samurai from Japanese history best known for two things, being roughly the size of a fridge shaped bear, and that one time he sunk a boat, with a bow and arrow, by accident because he didn’t wanna pay no taxes. 

How Schwarzenegger Nearly Broke all his Fingers While Filming Terminator 2

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A lot of cool things happen in Terminator 2, most of which revolve around a man with knives for hands punch-stabbing his way through half of Los Angeles. Arguably the most iconic moment in the entire film is the motorcycle chase scene, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger reloads a shotgun by twirling it around without it somehow going off and blowing a hole through his torso. What the cameras didn’t see though is Arnie trying it with a real shotgun and nearly breaking his hand off.

Fans in South Korea Are Kind of Nuts


With things like Twitter giving us almost unfettered, unfiltered access to our favourite celebrities being a stalker has never been easier. But for some stalkers cryptic selfies and poorly misspelled tweets about what their favourite celebrity ate for lunch just aren’t enough and they have to resort to more, drastic measures. Luckily for South Korean fans who are this obsessed, the culture over there is so used to fans being batshit insane they mostly don’t register it anymore.

The Genius Way They Got Rid of the Scaffolding On The Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal is one of the most impressive buildings in the entire civilised world and one of India’s most famous attractions, sure it’s not the tallest or biggest building that has ever been built, but it does look exactly the same from all four sides, which is pretty impressive if you think about it. 

Custer’s Revenge was Previewed To a Women’s Rights Group


If you don’t know what Custer’s Revenge is, according to practically every critic in existence, it’s one of the worst video games ever made, as mentioned above the game’s sole goal is for you, the player, to have your way with a Native American woman and yes, unbelievably the company who made it debuted it in front of a women’s rights group.