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King Agesilaus, The Ancient Spartan King, of Sass


As per usual, there will be no accompanying article with today’s fact so Karl can pretty some of our older posts and do some work at the back end of the site, which is absolutely not a euphemism however much it sounds like one. However, if you absolutely need to read about more badasses, why not check read our article about the man who could technically uppercut a fridge 6 feet into the air or that one time Marlon Brando broke into his own fridge just to take a huge bite out of a wheel of cheese.

Or you could always go read some more badass Spartan quotes, either way, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s Why The Game of Thrones Books Are Taking So Long to Come Out


In literally every interview George RR Martin has ever given there’s one question he gets asked every single time, “when is the next Game of Thrones book coming out?” and every time he gives basically the same answer, “when it’s done“. The thing is though, if Martin’s writing process is anything to go by, that’s going to be a long-ass time. 

Nobody in North Korea Is Allowed to be Called Kim Jong-Un

Image credit: Monico Chavez.

Along with having a job title that makes him sound way cooler than he has any right to be, the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is literally the only person in the whole of North Korea to sport that exact name, because officials made sure that everyone who did, changed it. 

Champagne Bottles Literally Used to Explode


It’s highly likely that a at least a few of the people reading this rang in the New Year last night with a glass of champagne, for those people here’s a fun fact for you, back in the early days of making champagne, bottle would explode at random and blind people.

You Couldn’t Beat a Sea Sponge in a Fistfight


The humble sponge, square pants or otherwise is secretly one of the most hardcore creatures on the entire planet. Though its appearance would lend you to believe it’d last about as long as the English language in the comment section of a YouTube video in a fist fight, you literally couldn’t kill one with your bare hands.