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Oak Ridge, The Town Full of People Who Had No Idea What They Were Doing


While the US was creating the atom bomb, they needed thousands of people’s help, but could only trust a handful of them with the secret of what they were actually doing. This led to the creation of Oak Ridge, a town full of people who literally had no idea what they were doing.

Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti,The Cardinal Who Could Speak 40 Languages


When it comes to speaking languages we’re guessing that like us, everyone here would be wicked impressed to meet someone who was capable of speaking even a handful of languages perfectly. Well we hope then your head doesn’t explode when you read about Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti, the man who could speak potentially hundreds!

Ancient Javelin Throwers Would Kick Ass at Today’s Olympic Games


We like to think that humanity has made a lot of progress in the last few hundred years when it comes to sport, as we’ve already shown though, ancient people weren’t slouches when it came to kickin’ ass. For example consider that ancient javelin throwers would pretty much wipe the floor with most of our modern Olympians.

Chaplin Received Death Threats When He Came Back to The US


Charlie Chaplin is easily one of the single most famous actors in the history of film, which makes it kind of weird to think that he didn’t get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for like 20 years after the idea had been conceived, because people back then were all assholes.

This is Why Everyone Should Hate Foxes


Foxes are awesome, wanna see one? Then check out the source of the sweet-ass image above, after you’ve had your fill of sweet foxy goodness however, we’re going to tell you the a story that will explain to you why foxes are assholes. Because, well, they kind of are.